Sunday, May 24, 2009

Midnight babel blog!

Tonight just calls for one of those!

Started off the early afternoon with waking up to Snookms being grumpier than Battlecat, and I verbally bitchslapped him like the Orko I am.

I left all in a haste, there was no food in our house! We had all been far too busy enjoying the summer this weekend to care about food, I s'pose.

Again I left in a tissy, some of my last words being along the lines of, "Are you going to wait until I'm on my deathbed, dying of cancer to enjoy your life?!" and some tears too. But see, once I got halfway to SuperTarget, I thought maybe I should call Snookms and tell him I really was just sad to see him stressing and that I wish I could make it dissappear like presto!magick! but I can't. And that is when I get all postal on his ass since he has gotten so on mine?

I thought along the lines that maybe he needed to cool down though, so I'd just apologize when I got back from doing groceries, and what do you know? The ol' chap calls me right after I manage to find the absolutely PERFECT cluster of bananas in the produce section.

Chiquita, you deserve a sweet serenade! He is just calling to say 'I love you'. And 'I love him too'.

So the rest of my grocery trip was spent hopeful & happily.

Came home, unloaded a fuckton of groceries, cleaned out our refrig. & ate stuff that tasted good. Realizations were came to when trying to warm up deep dish pizza in the microwave though. Our 13 year old microwave has finally taken a permanent shit. It is actually older than our 'bout that fellas? So after Snookms flew his rc plane, I exercised on my ExciteBike on Cloud-like lvl4 limit break- (yes, the motherfrakkin OMNISLASH) style upped resistance, then and only THEN did our Partridge like family make it up to Menards to see what they be havin. Menards only had 300 dollar microwaves that you could mount to your hood range, so we all dilly-dallied on over to Lowes before they closed and found a better deal on those types of microwaves there. We took it home where Snookms laboured on it, only to find out that the thing breaks a circuit after 10 seconds of running.

Boo! So now Snookms must return the damn thing 1st thing in the morning and get another.

After we got over our initial frustration @ radiation manipulation, I grilled Salmon steaks(for Snookms and I!) & hot dogs(for the spawn!) & made my favoritest salad in the world, with diced avocado chunks, Bacos, & monterey jack cheese topped w/ Italian. I ate like a racehorse.

By then Snookms was Down for the Count and snoozed to Joel Osteen yakkety yakking for 3 hours straight. I about humped a humpback whale when I first saw Osteen's bro? I was like, "Holy FUCK do they look, act, talk and move alike!" I was in for a real shock, y'know?

When I got over my paralytical shock I went to bother the spawn in the garage, Snookms had hooked up the ol' slot machine their gramps had gave 'em, & Jr. is always win here. He keeps having to stop and refill; he just knows the jig is up on that, I swear it!

Carmen and I got bored watching him succeed over and over so we ditched him to play Guitar Hero and watch a little Death Note.

Hadn't ever got to watch an ep. yet, so I figure now's a good time as any? Wrong. Far too engaged in trying to beat Symphony of Destruction on Expert to pay good enough attention.

I really do love how my spawn's room is set up though. It relies heavily on the fantasy of what my brothers and I would've conceived the perfect room to be for the 4 of us when we were all about the Faxanadu and late night G.L.O.W. escapades. Those were the days of Dragon Warrior, Gauntlet, A Link to the Past, & Legacy of the Wizard.

THOSE days practically rip my heart out, remembering them THESE days.....

But yes. The room. The Spawn Room. In each of 2 corners sits a t.v. One with cable connections to the On Demand, the other with all the mad systems hook up. PS2, Sega Genesis (gotta get my Altered Beast on!) & N64 for Tha Jr....he's hopelessly addicted to Lego Racer. So yes, the Carmenator and I had fun TRYING to watch Death Note and playing GH1.

I think GH1 is my favorite of GH's by far, it has the most songs I find enjoyable on a single playlist. I could jump around from Guitar Hero to Guitar Hero disc, but that shit gets annoying after a while with a ps2. Don't know if the ps3's load time is annoying like that too? I certainly hope not!

My favorites to play:

Thunderkiss 65, then Infected(Bad Religion) then Sharp Dressed Man, (ZZ Top used to PISS me off to NO end when I was a wee little lad. Why, you ask? I don't know..... All I know is that my dad would CRANK that shit Souljah style and I would seethe in my skin, watching his head bob to the muzak, and NOW, though? I love it. W-E-I-R-D.) Ziggy Stardust, (Bowie) Stellar, (Incubus) Hey You (the Exies!), Take it Off (the Donnas) Symphony of Destruction, (Megadeth, although THIS version blows my ass out of the water everytime I hear it... Female? Arch Enemy? *sighs shamelessly*) Fat Lip, (by Sum41, which normally I don't dig, but playing Fat Lip on Expert mode is HELLAFUN. Think I am lying? Try it, & you will see.) & then Cochise by AudioSlave is the last I can beat on Expert Mode.

The rest of the songs on the GJ1 playlist I struggle through on Hard even, which pisses me off and does my carpel tunnel no favors either. At least I can beat Bark@ TheMoon on Hard. So there is THAT.

When I am done consoling myself with that pathetic notion I meander out into the living room, where I see Tha Jr. has given up on his Get Rich Quick scheme and has focused his attention on the level stinkin' MAKAR gets lost on in Windwaker.

Although I shouldn't say stinkin. I quite like the Korak.

That is when I see an empty computer chair calling my name to come blather on about the inane events of our lackluster day here @ the humble Turner Abode.

I will probably end the night commenting on Mordicai's LJ in regard to his wedding anniversary and him possibly being sick on it, and make some abnormal fangirl status kind of comment in regard to Megaman2, then possibly respond to Karina's email in regard to the cool necklaces I made for her & her sweetie as a token of appreciation for getting & sending me ANWAGTHAP. (Nicola's "And Now We Are Going To Have A Party" Memoir)

I'm really excited about K seeing the necklaces, but I told her I would wait until she got the necklaces first before I posted pics of what I made on my blog first, because I want it to be a surprise for her. I hope she and her sweetie like 'em, and don't think they're too generic or cheesy. I cringe @ the thought!

Then after all of that, perhaps I will sip a Pepsi Throwback and watch/fall asleep to Stardust. I heart that movie. Screw all haters.


kathulhu said...

"Snookms being grumpier than Battlecat" - that's great!!!

I'm still on the medium setting on Rock Band 2. I've tried a few songs on hard while playing the bass but it! ;)

I love your kids' room! I could've spent hours in there looking at all their cool stuff. Hell, I loved your whole house!

I hope you guys can make it out next Sat. for my birfday party.
I want a Rachel Turner necklace! Not that I'm trolling for gifts or know...::wink wink:: it is my birfday.

That is all.

Realmcovet said...

Going from medium to hard is a pretty significant change, but once you do it, you can swang anything, I'm telling you!

I love YOUR whole house too man. I wish I could live there and watch you and Aaron fuck.

I can't wait til yer berfday, I will keep in mind about the necklaces, although, they ain't all that. I'll try to make you something special. I heart you!