Friday, June 12, 2009


I LOVE Adam Lazzara in this video. I never cared about Taking Back Sunday until I saw this.

I love how he makes love to the camera! S'very sexy!!!

Today is a kind of grumpy day for me. I am very lion like and IMPATIENT with any who dare request things of me. Not good for a homemaker at all!

My spawn remind me of the Golden Girls right now. HELLA SNARKY and arguing about everything and anything.

Well Drag Me to Hell was abyssmally wonderous. I am telling you Sam Raimi/Evil Dead fans, go see it! It's RAD. Loved the Slapstick Gore and Demon Lore. P'shaw!

Was watching special features for The Fountain and thanking my lucky stars that Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett DID NOT stay the roles that Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss replaced. That would've been INFERNAL. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was enough!

Hoping to charm the Snookms into going to the Drive-In tonight. My fluttery wings and striped pajama pantalones just might do the trick. I miss Clermont Drive-In severely. Alien Glow Pops straight from Roswell, New Mexico & infinite tubs of buttery popcorn made all ambrosia-like and what not. Okay so now I wanna play Battle of Olympus. Minotaurs! Labyrinths! Here I come.

Oh. And I just thought this was pretty amazing. Something Gyn would be wielding, yah? Wakkawakkawakka.

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kathulhu said...

I WANT that gun.