Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Death is the Road to Awe

Ahhhh....here it is.

Freetime. And I don't know what to do with it!

Kathulhu is going to see Wicked with her momma and I am HELLA jealous. Mysty is now on Twitter which gives me joy abounding. SexScenes has a BADASS piece up in Thuglit. And I finished reading Mordicai's book.

First I will address the Katie matters.....

Snookms, spawn & Co. made it out to her abode some Saturdays ago for her Berfday. I finally got to meet the illustrious Robbie (one of Katie's best friends) in person. He was just as charming and gorgeous as I had fabricated him to be in my own midnight imaginings. My daughter also has a HUGE 9 year old hard on for Kathulhu's hubby, which is just fucking funny as all get out. And then Katie wore her pretty dress in which I got to peep at her awesome rack. Yo diggity. She had a My Little Pony ice cream cake which was adorable and I guess one of her pals got her a My Little Pony action figure. Woot dolla!

And Mysty on Twitter. I dunno why this makes me all starry inside. Probably because she asked if I wanted to sneak off with her and go get secretly married. I can't wait to go see Drag Me To Hell with her tomarrow.

Ummm, let's see. Oh! Yeah. Betsy. Sexy Betsy. Was able to read her short in ThugLit titled "Living on the Blood of Others". Some of the most powerful character reading I've had the pleasure of my eyes gracing in a long time. By the time I was done reading I was pissed that it wasn't a full length novel. Fell in love with the MC right away. Loved the narrative. Every inch of it. So revealing. Unapologetic like too. I fucking LOVE no apologies. & she needs to hurry up & tell me what she thought of Donnie Darko already!

And then of course ol' Mordicai. Ordered his book on Lulu last week and received it Friday? I think? Maybe Thursday? I dunno. But yeah. This book is a real gem. He keeps saying that he needs to go back and edit some shit, but I say it's all good. Hansel is coming to get you! AND his adorable Wil o' Wisp. Having the heart of Nosferatu makes you one bad motherfucker. I love the way Mordicai used his creativity for the Wil o' Wisp's communication. I've not ever seen anything done like that before and I absolutely ADORED it. Very fucking innovative. A must read for anybody who loves RPG, DnD, Automata, or the Fey. Those all kinda get tossed in the same category somehow though, so perhaps that doesn't help? Someone like Kathulhu would love this book. Yeah. Someone like her. And me. I want to pass this book around like a great girlfriend that gives awesome face and then turns into a pumpkin @ midnight. For real. That good!

Let's see....what else?

Oh. Lots more internal dialogue going on in therapy these days. All my appts. have been set as phone appts. due to the spawn and their lack of schooling. But they have been just as effective for me as if I were to show up face 2 face. Again, I find it AMAZING that Motherine is the one walking me through, holding my hand in this land of Mysoginistic behaviours; where little 9 year olds indulge in shooting their private parts off so that they don't have to feel anymore. There's this part in Mordicai's book, Wil o' Wisps & Other Illuminated Manuscripts? & It is unintentional, I'm sure, but again there is this part, where Hansel's being torn to the core by ol' Nosferatu, and because he is automata, has been programmed to go inside a more primal core within himself, for survival & shit, y'know? It's like, all this crazy shit is going on in the out & about, but within is a nesting sort of mechanism, that keeps safe until you are no longer put in harm's way. I felt complete sympathy for Hansel in that moment, whether sympathy should have been intended or naught.

I've been getting the manic spurts lately, going off and mowing the lawn @ 10:00 @ night & stuff. It's so fun though when the air is electric @ midnight even. You feel as though you are defying some law of physical nature and that there should be toxic mushrooms glowing in the dark next to you, illumating your path to a Netherworld you shant soon come back from. Renegade Wizards @ your every, & Warlock's Wives that aren't afraid of Foxglove.

Okay, okay, so perhaps these are all things that should be saved for my own personal account. I dunno. Sometimes it just feels so good to spiritually bleed here & there. Sorry 'bout that folks!

Looking forward to the new Transformers flick as well as G.I. Joe. I wonder if I'll be all 'WTF' afterward? Thinking about popping in The Fountain (only thee best. movie. EVAR. C'mon now? DEATH IS THE ROAD TO AWE...) late night tonight and working on my new character Surreal that I've fabricated. I actuallly dreamt of him early in the morning and had enough Luck Points left on my talisman to have R.E.M. so's I could still remember him when I awoke. He's got flaming red hair. Short, cropped & curly. Loves to listen to Scissor Sisters and owns a 500 Magnum. (Yes. They do exist. I was witness to a real live one just a few months ago. Holy SHIT is all I had to say!) Surreal treats it like a shotgun though. Surreal is also a fucking asshole pervert too. No love for this one. Most of my perverted fabrications have some sort of sympathetic perspective. But not this one. Oh no. This one Mysogyny gets all postal on. With NO remorse. Drags him through the streets of SSF with an umbilical chord birthed in steele chain & retribution; with a capital R, this one.

Well now, after all is said & done, my she-spawn is requesting that I hook up the PS2 in the living room so we can play Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Hurrah for Duplicators & the Power of Sire. Makes life so much easier!!!


mordicai said...

The ending needs to be way better, & the bear needs to come back. I think I'd rewrite from the fight with the gyrocopter onward.

Realmcovet said...

The Wil o' Wisp and Hansel should get nekkid and have cicada/praying mantis babies!

I quite liked the ending. But the bear WAS pretty cool.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Thanks for the shout out. I haven't seen DD yet. I left town and then I sprained my ankle and the DVD player is in the basement and steps are kind of out of the questions--I have to pretty well crawl down them. It's a bit humiliating.

Interesting you thought of a novel about her. I have too... but I don't know if I could live with her that long. Maybe a short one.