Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brain Tsunami!

So much to say, so little time!

Ahhhh. I had a hankerin for a good post yesterday. Had it all put up in that noggin o' mine; I was going good in the morning, aside from a nose that was running like a faucet. Woke up @ 6:30 in the am, good to go, & by the time 10:00 in the morn hit me, I felt like complete and utter SHIT man. I had the body aches, my ass was singing hymns to the porcelain gods I hadn't heard in ages, & to top it off a fever. So I said 'fuck it' and parked my tushy. Watched Grease 2, tweeted an enormous amount of ridiculous crap, watched Lucas, picked up the spawn from school, watched Persepolis (which I HEARTED by the by!) with 2 of my spawn, took a cat nap & then Snookms baked me Red Baron pizza after the kiddoes all got put to bed. He fell asleep before I could take the first bite! Boo. Well, not really 'boo', because Snookms is gorgemous when he is in slumberland.

But I was sad not to have his verbal presence in my wake.

I decided to watch the half hour of Persepolis that I had missed when I snoozed a cat nap, & then watched some stand up rerun on H.B.O. of Ellen Degeneres. I luff her.

Snookms awoke from his slumber by then & got on the comp to play chess & was giggling like a school girl at Ellen's antics. This is the part that made me giggle MOSTEST.

So I've been up to a whole lotta shake n bake kinda creative thangs. Much brainstorming & fun & things that make the mania phase of bi-polar feel like a dreamscape.

I was wiki-stalking much info over the weekend, doing the idiosyncratic fun that is Living Social on Facebook, picking my five fav's for the Justice League. I was at a loss for a moment, but I just can't let go of ol' Carnage & how amazingly wonderful he is, so I dared to pick him for my team. After much 'doh-ing' Homer style, I remembered delicious Crazy Jane. How could I ever forget?

I happened upon this lovely a few years back, when I was doing some research on the Troops for Truddi Chase (from the book 'When Rabbit Howls') hoping I could come acrossed some actual interview footage of Truddi Chase. I was like, madly obsessed with her for at least 9 months to a year. In my search, I came across lovely 'Crazy Jane', discovering that her character was created as a sort of 'homage' to Truddi Chase & her many personalities.

So I wikipedia'd that em-effer with the quickness & struck a Realmcovet styled gold mine o' delight. It entailed 64 of Crazy Jane's personalities, complete with the superpowers for each.

& then came acrossed this & had a mental/emotional orgasm.

The Cult of the Unwritten Book.

Pretty much amazed me out of my pants. Then of course I had to do some research on Richard Dadd. I was floored at how lovely life can be for me sometimes, finding so many like minded individuals, all of whom which were tossed in the booby-hatch, or were in some sort of civil danger of such. It gave me hope.

If you toss much of the artwork & style of Persepolis, Crazy Jane & all 64 (plus others!) of her magnificent personality superpowers, & the backdrop of The Cult of the Unwritten Book into a ring, & let Carnage work his might & magic of symbiosis, well then you have Teenage Wasteland. Add a luck dragon, a handful of ForestMasters, & a few oldskool NES character cameo appearances & there you have it. It's a fucking gold mine. Well, wait. SILVER mine. Cause I abhorr gold. We haaaatessss it!

So I've been weaving & knitting & pearling left & right, trying to piece so much together of what I've come up with so far & feeling really grandiose about it all. And I've been sick, so I have the great excuse that comes along with sitting around & looking like I'm not doing jack shit.

In other news, got some great finds @ the Scholastic Book Fair. I did manage to squeeze a couple hours in to help the ol' librarian, but I didn't feel right taking her up on her offer of picking out a free book for my 'trouble', 1.) because it was really no 'trouble' at all, I quite enjoy helping out @ the Scholastic Book Fair & 2.) like I said, I OWED her from LAST year.

So I called it even. The ol' librarian didn't, she insisted, but my insistance defeated her by +24 endurance. So HA!

But yes. The 'great finds' as follows:

The House in the Night by Susan Marle, pictures by Beth Krommes

This is a fucking LOVELY children's book of gorgeous scratchboard illustrations of the night. My hearted THUMPED at it's calling, wanting to leave a trail of rose petals in it's wake of beauty & illuminated darkness. It's the kind of book that I marvel over and allow the tips of my fingers to trace over every path, every corner, not having one pang nor ounce o' regret that I spent 17 fucking dollars on a children's book.

& then of course, the 3rd series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid; The Last Straw:

The first 2 had me unexpectedly delighted. Anybody could find humour in these books, no matter how old you are. I find it particularly endearing because there is Dungeons & Dragons like humour thrown in here and there. And although I've never gone as far as completing my character sheets (I always just wanted to draw them instead, or write a story about them, I didn't have the brains for all the numbers & classifications & stats & such) & actually sitting down to engage in such fun endeavors, I can definately appreciate the humour such a book presents in describing the horrors of trying to play a serious game with your overprotective MOTHER having to be accounted for as one of your 'companions' in the party. Giggles abound in this book series for those of you that roll the dice. I promise you that.

So I can't wait to see what this Jeff Kinney has in store for this next gem. Being an online game developer and designer makes him appreciate the kind of humour that I brake for, I imagine.

Other things worth wasting your reading time over.....

Oh! Carmen, the she-spawn, bought this with her $35.00 lottery winnings:

She/He/It's adorable, & I think I've conned the she-spawn into naming it 'Akira'. I make her name everything 'Akira', it's a name I'm quite fond of. She always winds up changing it to something froopy, like 'Dash' or 'Hermie'. Once she had 2 fish named 'Spiderman' & 'Batman' which was pretty adorable though, so I'll give her that. The iguana EATS too. Like crazy. Loves the SHIT out of Romaine Lettuce & eats at least 2 leaves a day so far. It's really adorable when it eats. NOMNOMNOMZ.

One last mentionable thing to report is that Malinda Lo's book 'Ash' comes out today. I've been waiting for a book like this my whole life, & finally it's here! I'm hoping to go down to the ol' B&N today to hunt for it, & that the store isn't going to be full of the douch(e)bags I anticipate them to be by not carrying it yet, so I don't have to order it online & wait for it to be in my grubby little paws.

'Ash' is basically a lesbian retelling of the story of Cinderella.

Kinda funny, but I when I was watching Grease 2 yesterday, I was musing that SOMEONE needs to do a retelling of the Grease 2 movie, 'Ash' style too, with Nicola Griffith playing the role of Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield). I could so so SO see it happening. She would be the dream on a mean machine, with HELL in her eyes. YEP.




Please & Thank You.

Other than that, I don't think there's much else to report. I'm sick. I'm bored. I'm hungry.....what else is new?


Jess said...

Hey, gorgeous, howdja forget about Crazy Jane? I loves her!

Realmcovet said...

I know, right? I'm a fucking asshole for that.

& who you callin gorgeous, gorgeous?

Jess said...

You, lovesie!

Shit yes, the black kid from HSM! Oh god, the arguments Max and I have had...Jesus...I love that boy. Love him.


I am soooooo excited for the package...you'll get one back, birthday or not! :)