Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet me in Montauk....

The she-spawn is driving me MAD with her incessant babble. She is INFURIATED that her brother brought the Zelda guide to school, so now she claims that she can't play. At the top of her lungs she insists this.

Sheeeeeit. I member the days when me & my bros weren't even ALLOWED to use a guide until we beat the game first. A Renegade Wizard Policy™ made clear via the might & magic of his Marlboro donned belt buckle of brute. It taught us well though.

I also 'member the time my brother & I woke up early to play Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest. We were stuck at a wall. A MOTHERFUCKING wall. So we sneak a phone call to the Nintendo therapist, right? & he says, "Switch to your blue crystal, kneel for 5 seconds, & behold."

"Fuck you. NO. No WAY." is what I offered up to my brother when he hung up. "I know, right? What kind of bullshit is that?" the brother agrees wholeheartedly.

Dubiously we hit 'select', switch to this useless crystal & halfheartedly wait for nothingness. Lo & behold, this tornado of miraculousness comes to whisk us away, in which our hero will have to "prossess" Dracula's rib into a tasty treat! What a horrible night to have a curse!!!!

There were other times too, where my brother & I learned cold hard Renegade Wizard NES policy. Like the time we woke up early to play Kid Icarus & got all the way to second fortress where the Eggplant Wizards reside, quite close to defeating Hydra, Hewdraw, wtfEVER it's name is, when out comes the warlock in nothing but his underwear, intoxicated with half-sleep, groggily demanding us to reset the game & start from the beginning. (He didn't wanna miss out?)

So this high pitched whining that she-spawn is belting out right now is quite irritating. Kind've goes with the whole age old saying of, "When I was your age" bit, except electronics related. Funny!

Made a pilgrimmage to B&N yesterday & found some H.R. Giger & M.C Escher framable print portfolios. 14 framable prints for each artist! Not too shabby for $9.98 a piece. The H.R. Giger one is going to my pops (the Renegade Wizard) cause it's his birthday Sunday. I covet it like a motherfuck, but I can always go back & buy one for myself this weekend if I really want to. Besides I owe it to my pops, he's the one that got me jockin H.R. Giger's stuff anyhow.

M.C. Escher's art just so wreaks of my dad's oldskool scribblins:

(This one's titled "Procession in the Crypt" & really reminds me of a work in progress my dad never finished. Too bad this one wasn't in the portfolio I bought!)

I have these beauts' right here though, & amongst others:

So I'm a pretty happy camper!

I got to talk to my brother yesterday, finally! & he told me his guild Premonition (which is ranked 1st in the U.S. & 3rd nationwide) was sponsored to come out & play at Blizzcon 2009, which is BIG DEAL amazing to me (& apparently many others!) Says his hotel, airfare & other expenses were all paid. His user name is Malakai & he's one of the officers for the Premoniton Guild of WoW. I couldn't be prouder of the little bugger. :)))))

Well I thought I had more to say but....


That's right. I was able to send SexScenes@Starbucks her birthday gift yesterday, albeit late. Sorry lady! But yeah, I'm totally looking forward to speaking the Dragonlance jargon with her once she reads what I sent her. IF she reads it. & if she doesn't read the chronicles trilogy before she leaves this earth, I shall cut my wrists. So THERE Betsy!!!!! Happy effing Birthday to YOU.

And that is all.

Oh wait. Also!

I want this SHIRK!!!!!


sex scenes at starbucks said...

OMG!!! Really? Really?? So excited!!

Ok, paybacksies then. Ooo, I can think of one thing you might want. Hmmm...

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Oh, and hey, I'm doing a meme over at SexScenes. You'd better play along.

Realmcovet said...

No paybacksies! T'was a gift!!

& I'll play the meme. It may take some time, but I will. :) Love your answers btw.

kathulhu said...

Yeah so my parents would NEVER buy us the cheat guides. I can't remember how much the actual games used to cost but the stupid guides were hella expensive. We had to figure that shit out on our own.

Hell, I still don't buy the cheat guides. I have to pay $60 effing dollars for the game, I'm not going to pay another $20 for a guide to tell me how to beat it. And our xbox 360 got the red ring of death yesterday so I can't play any of my damn games. Except for Diablo II. On the PC.

Realmcovet said...

Katie!! The red ring of death? Oh no!! That sucks. Sorry man.

But I do know that your love for Diablo 2 runs deep so it's all good, right?

& the SHIRK!!! You didn't say a damn thing about the SHIRK. I specifically thought of you when I stole bandwith to post that biznatch!!!! The Shalafi says SPEAKETH!!!

p.s. I miss you & yer spawniez.