Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Dreams May Come?

I am not sick anymore! Hurrah!

A day to myself where I'm not wiping noses or on borrowed time.... So nice!

Really excited about a number of things here. Just finished up reading Blaze Ginsberg's memoir "Episodes" which was delightful for me to read. Blaze is a 22 year old high functioning autistic & it was like a dream come true having the opportunity to get inside his head & see what made those gears turn. He is fucking funny and adorable & I want to punch all the ladies that never answered their phone when he called. SERIOUSLY!

I can now move on to immersing myself fully back into City of Saints and Madmen; finally finished getting through all the danged footnotes for the history of Ambergis. They were quite delightful footnotes, don't get me wrong, but not the easiest of reads for a numbskull like myself. My attention has been directed to a one 'House of Leaves' though, so that escape from footnotes might not last too long. It's going to be the next book I order, for sure!

Also overjoyed at the notion that I have 'Lucifer; The Divine Comedy' in my grubby little paws as well, VERY jazzed about reading it.

I guess I should probably be reading the other volumes first, but I was so dang excited to finally have it in my grasp that I didn't even bother to think that I could order the other volumes online. Bah!

Other such things are me being ridiculously content with our new living room arrangements; spent all weekend re-organizing things, dusting the dust bunnies. All of that fun stuff. But I'm really pleased with how everything has found it's place here. The house is now plastered with premature spurts of Halloween decorum, thanks to She-Spawn's birthday party. (Oig that party was HECTIC! But fun.)

Made pancit over the weekend too, after the party-ings were long over of course & I was really pleased with the outcome of this dish. I had to make a pilgrimmage to the Asian Supermarket beforehand; those fucking things are so god damned SPARSE in the midwest! (In SSF, there was one on every street corner, I miss that?) Anyhow.... I always end up knee deep in Mango ice cream, avocado ice cream, pancit noodles & lumpia wrappers whenever I go make it to "Lee's Grocery". & I love to marvel over the live crab scraping for it's last hope of life in those cardboard boxes. I've plotted setting them free several times, but to what end? They taste so damn good.

So now my next cooking project consists of rolling up fried hamburger meat combined with green beans, fresh garlic, carrots, fresh garlic & a fuckton of *more* soysauce into fat blunts. That is lumpia for you!

Much better than eggrolls, in my humble opinion. & you MUST dip them in my handmade mixture of soy sauce, salt, & lemon juice potion! Must!

Not much else to say here, I've been really busy with the 'physical' doings moreso than the 'intarwebz' doings as of late. (Aside from trying to get my shitty skill ranking up on Vampire Wars.)

Sadly, I want to make love to my Avatar.

Today I just want to lay around and catch up on the second season of True Blood & play Guitar Hero 1,2, & 3 all day long. Fezziwig told me the other day that he bought that Warlock controller as a late birthday gift for ME!! How sweet is that? (I was under the impression all this time that he had bought it for himself.)

Here's what it looks like:
(I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture myself)


Been working on a few storylines too; one involves Lucifer Morningstar taking bed with God, (& don't worry, I've already consorted the Oracle Bones about this one; they say it is A-O.K.!) the other is the artwork for a dream Mother Katherine helped me ring out in therapy.

She's amazing about this dream stuff, I tell you! Mother Katherine had me assign the dream itself a title, & a title for 'Act 1', 'Act 2', & 'Act 3'. & also? I got to relate all the participants of this re-occurring nightscape into the different parts of myself, which was much funner than you'd think!

The title? "The Knives & the Naked".

Act 1 you say? "Awakening".

Act 2; "Retreat".

& Act 3 I titled "Harbour".

Basically this re-occurance of slippery-memory-slopes consists of me running endlessly from this naked entity

(looks shockingly similiar to 'The Usher' from Carnivale)

that wields a typical household butcher knife, & the whole time I am scrambling along with my 3 children, trying to get away from it, running through forestry, occupied cabins, scrambling around in closets, trying to get away from this motherfucker.

By the time I wake up from these dreams, I am exhausted beyond belief (from running & hiding the whole time in my sleep) & traumatized it for a day or 2. I never let on to anyone how much this affects me, because it just seems so, trivial?

But Mother Katherine insisted that it is indeed not, & decided to do this dream analyzation thing with me. Again, she had me assign the dream a title, & gave it 3 'Acts', & then asked which 'parts' of me were who.... Like the one dreaming the dream even? Holy crap, how amazing is that, right? (Yes, I have 'parts', we all do in some way, shape or form, most of us just roam around in life, unawares. Not that that is neccessarily a bad thing if you are unawares, mind you!)

Parts I have uncovered of myself are The Protector, The Creative One, The Little Girl, Naked & Embarrassed (they are a dualing entity) The Manager Part & The I.S.S.S (The Infinite Shutdown of Systematic Sadness). So all the people in my dreams, they were really all 'parts' of me, manifesting as not only myself, but my 3 children in this dream as well.

& the suprise part comes at the end.... The Naked Man is ME too! Whoa, right? I know, I know, it doesn't HAFTA be, but that's just how it came through in the flow of the moment. It was very revelation-like for me.

& the key words here? I ain't scared of that dream no more.

Weird. Not magical weird or Jesus jogger weird, just.... You know?

And also! A sneak-peek at the draft of the inked version of Gyn & Co. from Teenage Wasteland--------->

Joy abounds!


mordicai said...

HoL is pretty great. Anyhow, Lucifer was a good comic...mostly about a Wizard. Lucifer is all Will, you know?

Realmcovet said...

Yeah, I'm saying what I keep saying, HoL is TOTALLY up my alley. A Wizard & Will....that'll be the day. :) I have so much to look forward to?

kathulhu said...

muwah! I just wanted to send you a kiss :) We need to make another hang out date! The boys are in school until 11 but we can hang out after they're done with school!

Realmcovet said...

Muah!!! Back at you Katie. :) Yes, we must hang out. Tina & I are trying to plan something too, perhaps another Magic tutorial @ the nearest Starbux is in order? I might be hanging out with Snookms on a date tomarrow, but Tina says anytime Sunday afternoon...whaddoya think? Hmmmmmmmmmmm????