Monday, September 21, 2009

Special People

She's the AWESOMEST. The BESTEST. By FAR. est. I am in love with ALL of her work. But this Kat-Daddy in particulars:

Who makes this? Who gets inside my head & gets to paint a picture out loud about it? She does. That's who. & she does it better than I ever could have.

Oh ho ho. Still haven't gotten a chance to read my Lucifer novel. Boo!

Been a wavery fucking weekend it has. Spent a lot of it doing research for my Teenage Wasteland project.

Current tabs open?

Those are all elements that are heavily embedded into the project. & so much more, but those are the ones that call for most of my attention currently. Jason (the arteeeest) has requested more story to jive off of, so there it go.

Am sincerely in love with this picture of Orko:

*art props go to this feller right 'ere.*

I am in love with the idea of some sort of Trollan as a familiar for one of the many characters of Teenage Wasteland. A gat-wielding Trollan. So Jasky/Jaski is off on a mission to make it so. Too bad I can't use Orko, what with copyright issues & such. Orko is delight!

I'm still high offa my Friday meet with Mysty afternoon. It was such a delightful surprise because she brought 2 photo albums chock full of my favorite person: MYSTY!

There was Mysty the Infant, Mysty the little curly headed fireball of mischief, Mysty the OverAcheiver, Mysty the Anorexic, Mysty the Green Lipped Hobgoblin, Mysty the SurrogateMotherTree, Mysty the Infinite Lover of Lovers, Mysty the Typewriter, (my favoritest!) & the "Do You like Seafood?" Mysty. Hell, they're all my favorite.

She even allowed me the pleasure of reading her books. Her precious authorings, covered in the blood, sweat & dust of her years. She is truly, The Wisest Unicorn of Them All.

We are supposed to be seeing "Jennifer's Body" this Thursday. I am looking forward to it as if it were a trip to Hawaii.

I are currently stuck on this jam.

Other such jams are of the Quinn Fox nature. You should totally check it if you dig MegaMan2 Remixes, Sonic the Hedgehog3 & Ristar remixes, or just ambient typed trance funk. He's meg talented. :) I've even got a couple songs uploaded to my ninja player ~~~~~~~~~~~>

*see ninja player*

So yesterday, after I cooked everybody in the Turner abode hamburger's delight for dinner, I ventured up to SuperTarget to do some much needed groceries. There was still a hint of daylight out when I set out to do so, but I have to say, I was totally unprepared for the beauty of what stood before me when I exited that SuperTarget building.

The sky, it was of that unworldly kind of blue, a true midnight blue, & combined with the artificial street light, it just made for some heartbreaking pangs in my chest, consisting of a newfound appreciation for what this realm of existence/stance has to offer sometimes. It was quite humid, that seductive wet in the air that makes everything sit still in it's cloud of precipitation and fuck, & it gathers up all the fragrances of the earth, & puts em there for you to smell. I took a deep breath, packed away my groceries, lit up a Newport & just stood outside my car, underneath the exposure of the streetlight above me, taking care to sip drinks of my Pepsi when the taste of nicotine became too inherent to deal with. Definately a Ristar Remix Moment.

It's times like these, when I look back and remember on my past. The remembrance is almost too much, & it brings an undeniable feeling of desire for things no longer in my grasp. Sepia-conditioned snippets of time replay in my mind, my brothers & I playing Faxanadu for the first time, or finally finding the DragonLord on Dragon Warrior, or even those accursed Gold Golems for that matter. The wonder & amazement of questing, of discovery. These things mattered so little to the outside world. But to us, they were everything. It was the reason we awoke, the reason we went to bed at night, hand in hand, with smiles on our faces, & hope for the new day ahead when nothing else seemed to provide us with hope. There's a small handful of faces that get that in this world. I can live today & be at peace knowing that we weren't the only ones. I long for the day we can ever relive some of our past, even if it IS through our own children's experiences, or perhaps the experience of others. But it is there, that stream of conscious, flowing like the air we breathe, waiting for it's chance to transform into a lifeline all it's own for others to live & flow upon.

I don't mean to get all mushy. It's just what that kind of music does for me.

~8-bit for life~


Sarah Laurenson said...

Wow. You are so busy and so deep into the creativity. It's wonderful. I love the artwork you're posting, too. Just amazing stuff.

Jess said...


Realmcovet said...

Sarah, great to hear from you. It is kinda nice to be back into the creative flow of things. :) I LOVE what you are doing over at your blog.

Jess!!! I frakking LOVE YOU. Did you get your present yet for cryin' out loud???

kathulhu said...

We still need to collab on something creative.

Realmcovet said...

Mos' def, Kat. I have something I've been wanting to email you for a time; a fantasy/schmut novel that involves a faerie warrior & a renegade Minotaur....srsly.

Quinn Fox said...

You're such an excellent writer. In all ways.

With a dash of envy, I find myself strangely proud of you. You kick ass, Rachel. Please keep being you.

Oh, and thanks for the linked remix props. :) My next album is going to blow minds, I promise.

Realmcovet said...

You, Sir Denny, are too kind. :) One can only imagine what melodies you shall concoct next....