Monday, October 19, 2009

All Around Fun!

Paranormal Activity has me a tad scared to be home alone. & the spawn have been taking it upon themselves to freak the shit outta me. Little bastards. I shall get them yet!

So yeah, Paranormal Activity was great fun all around. I enjoyed myself very much so. It also didn't help that MystyMayhem was belting out screams that would've made Phil Enselmo proud though. Her feet were in the fucking AIR I tell you!! The goddamn AIR. It was ... hilarious ...

Friday night was so much fun. It was originally going to be dinner @ El Rodeo for Mysty's bacherolette partay, but wound up cancelling due to unforeseen circumstances, but again, got booted back up & we wound up going to Q'doba for din din w/ Mysty's adorable sister & other awesome best buddy Machell.

After dinner we headed up to Metropolis to see th 7:55 showing of Paranormal Activity, you already heard all about that. But I tell you, I was fully satisfied with this film. It was spooky in all the right ways & in the end I was totally fabricating the demon to look like a naked Akem from Vampire Wars.....

Quite adorable. I was utterly reduced to fangrrl status when the demon straight DRAGGED Katie outta her bed. That was an UNFORGETTABLE moment, one I replay in my head over & over. & then the stalker/sleepwalking shit. FUCKING A!!! I heart evil Katie.

Okay, so after that, Mysty's sista' took us to Mysty's Metal Mansion so her sister could head home (she had a hot date!) & then we all stood around for a few chit-chatting w/ some of Mysty & Werewolf's pals about tripping on shrooms while watching signs & being in love with Mel Gibson & Joan Rivers banging Mel to piss Gilbert Godfrey off. It was great fun.

Finally we were off, our clan o' 3 (again! except minus Brandi candy) & headed south for Greenwood. Asylum House is one of them haunts where the actors/actresses are allowed to touch you. I'd never been, but Mysty had, so Machell & I were in for a real treat!

We found the place without too much trouble, deep deep into some woods & shit; only added to the enchantment of the night? The line was trailing out the door so it gave us ample time to smoke n chat; (a few of my favourite things?) & share spooky stories. We were pleasantly surprised by the time the line entered the actual building, & rightly so; they were playing Creepshow on a projector that cast a lovely shadow behind us! We paid @ the counter where one could purchase Depends if one felt so inclined; I thought it was pretty fucking funny at least?

So we chit-chatted away the midnight dreary until it was finally our turn to 'go'. We were given the rundown of what the Asylum had to offer & then we were on our merry way.

Right away I was screaming pansy style; they made me be in front! There was this point where you had to wear 3-D glasses passed out by an adorable Chuckie (he/she was like, only 10 or so prolly?) & had to walk this 'Through the Looking Glass' kind of bridge & I was stumbling around like a drunkard because of the awesomeness of the effects. It was great.

All in all, I say it was worth the 17 dollars admission, it got to a point where I was like, "Damn, this thing STILL ain't over?" but I didn't really want it to be anyway.

I think one of the more poignant moments of the evening is when we were being chased by a 7ft tall Jason character & suddenly Mysty is asked "Are you Mysty?" You hear this beautiful feminine voice eminating from 7ft of terror & Mysty just stops in her tracks & is like, "Um, yeah?" So this character unveils herself & says something like, " I know you. That is all".

I dunno. It was a turn on, cause like, even the demons speak of her name, Mysty is that legendary. I always pick the awesome ones?

Such a beautiful night. I also owe Mysty a pack of Newports, she supersurprised me @ the gas station when I was wrestling with the ATM machine (stupid machina!) & had my hard pack purchased all along. Such sweet destruction.....

I made my way home through the night & came home to a boat investigation Snookms & one awake Spawn. They were all giggles & pranks so it made the night even sweeter. The other 2 spawn were fast asleep (the Jr. had an 8:30 chess tournament in the morn' which went awesome btw!) so Snookms & I had our fun & giggles terrorizing the Awake One whilst it tried to slumber. He finally got fed up & started batting emptily at the air around him, which in turn induced a MASSIVE amount of laughter on Snookms' & I's behalves. (Is behalves even a WORD?)

But yes, a great way to end the night.

The next morning Snookms woke up early to take tha Jr. to his chess tournament, so the other 2 spawn & I lounged around in the living room all morning & well into the afternoon under leafy quilts; they let me speak of Paranormal Activity & I told them EVERYTHING about the movie while they listened intently & were appropriately frightened. Then we elected to play Twilight Princess while eating leftover junk food from my movie ventures the night before. Twilight Princess is heartbrakingly beautiful on HD, which we only have in our living room, but I am telling you, it is a sight for sore eyes people! The spawn wanted to show me all the latest gadgetry they had accumilated since the night before while I was gone & it was awesome. They were able to get the Master Sword & they can now transform into Wolf Mode whenever they like.

Fezziwig had a b-day party to attend @ 1:30 so we started ungluing our tushies from the couches & headed to Walmart to get his pal a gift. We're skulking about in the electronics section when lo & behold; what do I see??? 'A Boy & His Blob' for Wii!!! I about crapped my pants in amazement, I was so dumbfounded. That was one of my all time fav NES games to play, it had such an enigmatic appeal to it, the questing, the discovery, definately a 10 or 11 on that sort of scale in my personal opinion, & then here they have a stunningly beautiful remake of what you had originally been picturing in your mind all along. It's a game where you have this faithful & loyal blob following you around everywhere & all you have are various flavoured jellybeans to help aid you in your quest. Depending on which jellybean you feed this cute little thing, it will change into different items, like ladders, or holes in the ground, or trampolines, or even, (my personal favourite!) a ROCKET! So like, that was in the old version, right? But yeah, I'm hoping in the new version they won't forget the Root Beer Jellybean, cause dammit all ta hell, I wanna see some rocket action Wii graphics style!

I currently don't have 40 fat ones to blow on a game, but let me tell you, I will be saving every penny for this little bitty. It is my new PRECIOUS. We wantssssss it.

So after all that cajoling about at Walmart, we dropped Fezziwig off at Jump n Play & my She-Spawn was hella jealous of all the fun that Fezziwig was to be having. So I placated her with El Rodeo for lunch & then afterwardz promises of pummeling through the Halloween section of Walmart. So we did & it was fun.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing (mostly on my behalf) & boat building (yes, Snookms really DID build a motherfucking BOAT!) I took a 2 or 3 hour nap & woke up to a boat in my front yard. I was ... beyond shocked. It looked freaking amazing, but of course, that is the Way of the Snookms, everything that is produced from his effort is; but I was totally taken aback at how fast he works his might & magic. He was kinda pissed though I guess, cause when he tried to remove the boards he'd screwed in the middle of the boat (to bow the wood?) it cracked the front of the boat, so he had to make a quick run to Menards to find fix for it. So while he was gone the spawn & I scampered about the boat & took pictures:

& then here is Snookms with the 'final' product:

Pretty great, ya?

I say 'final' cause he still actually has alot to do with it; like seal it with stuff I have no idea about & other little details that I don't get, but he does, so it's all good. I am so in awe of Snookms' skill. *pets pretty Snookms' head*

Later that evening I made pumpkin sugar cookies & we "tried" *tried, TRIED, TRIED* I tell you! to rent 'Phantasm' off On Demand, but apparently we suck, cause On Demand wouldn't let us. So I puttered around miserably & we just sorta sat around & boat admired & stuff.

The next day we all went to the punkin patch with my bro Eric & his little spawn & Snookms mama wound up showing up at the last minute with 2 of Snookms' sister's spawn, so it was a lot of family fun. Snookms found the biggest punkin, like EVAR? & then manage to drop it due to *ahem* 'gorilla glue on his hands that he had to use on the boat last night & that managed to get stuck on his hands & make them slippery' but the punkin didn't bust! It did, however, bust the other little punkin it landed on, so boo on that. But it was pretty hilarious.

So we now have our purdy little family o' 5 regarding the punkin biz, & I am wholeheartedly contemplating a Dream carving for mine. It's kinda hard to find Dream in his masked apparatus, but that is the Dream that I am dreaming a little Dream of, so we shall see. I brake for a masked Dream, y'know????

*credit goes to: ~Soulshriek


Natasha Fondren said...

Oh how cool! You know, the bookstore I've been hanging out here has Absolute Sandman, Vol. 2, OPENED. So I've been totally making my way through that. :-)

Jess said...

I think I could like, easily live in that room with the boat. Happily, too.

Brandi said...

I do wish I could have been there, sounds like a total blast! I love Asylum House. Last year Jack the Ripper tried to keep me under the bed, a sexy man in a top hat followed me around asking me to be his friend, and I got to meet Sammy Terry. Miss you, I suppose I'll see you at the reception, yes?! Unless we can persuade the busy (by then) married woman to get together before. I'll be in Indianapolis again starting November second, so we'll see!

Love your bloggings!

Realmcovet said...

Natasha: You lucky ducky! Absolute Sandman baby, I'd kill to get my grubby paws on that. Well, maybe not 'kill', but like, do unmentionable things I s'pose...

Jess: You should just come live with us in that boat. I would feed you things that don't contain mayonnaise & pet your pretty hair. :)

Brandi: Glad you stopped by & left a comment! I always love hearing from you. :) Yeah, that guy in the top hat was top fucking NOTCH. He was totally getting his flirt on with Mysty. Hot!!! & Jack the Ripper was petting a hanging baby doll with a knife when we got into the room. Did you really get under the bed? There was some hot looking bloody exorcist chick laying in the bed. I wanted to like, lay IN the bed?

& yes, we MUST hang again soon, for you are Brandi Candi. :)

Jess said...

Ahhhhh, that's the best idea in the world. I might do that for the holidays if my family doesn't want me back. Expect presents! I'll be the tiny Jewish kid dressed as Santa, except less jolly cheer and more "ho ho ho!" ;)

And yes, Laura's pretty amazing. I've never really had a girlfriend or girl, friend. She's lovely.