Monday, October 5, 2009

Warning:This is a Boring Journal Entry!

Apparently there is an increase in our discovery of the Super Human Race Life Form:

Not news to me, but still, it is exciting to see that more and more cases are being diagnosed. It means more help, more of a desire to understand, all that good stuff. I am glad.

It's been a ridiculously exciting past two weeks. I think the 'start' of all the fun was seeing 'Jennifer's Body' 2 Thursdays ago with Mysty. I mean, I was anticipating greatness, but it was more than I had hoped for.

I have no Diablo Cody complaints here; there was girl on girl action with Evil Dead shirts involved, epic lake swimming demon scenes with 'The Sword' playing as it's environmental factor (although in my head it was 'Electric Wizard' all along) & Adam Brody playing a role he should totally stick to. I was delighted from head to toe the whole time.

The following weekend of that Thursday I can't even remember, for the amazingness of this particular weekend far outweighed the amazingness of any other. It was like a great Black Sun of Wonder, blotting out all the lightness other events, making the greatness of them pale in comparison to others.

I am so easily pleased!

It started with our usual Hour of Mayhem on Friday; man it was Windy! With a capital "W"! It was so Windy that everyone @ Starbux accused us of being crazy for setting out to smoke&drink outside. But that is what we are! Don't they know us by now? The Wind forced Mysty to conceal her flaming red mane of destruction in the cover of her black "I Spit on Your Grave" hooded sweatshirt, & mingled with that HotPinkEyeShadow, I tell you, it made for a delightful view in the conversation.

We went our separate ways; hers leading to a path of ultimately seeing Zombieland, mine towards a Chose Your Own Adventure Medley of Haunted Hayrides with Snookms & Spawn.

Everything went as I had hoped & dreamed & played out in my own imaginings throughout the previous weekend; Snookms was engulfed in that charismatic grin I fell in love with 13 years ago; the Spawn were appropriately spooked but not too much! Snookms even dared to venture with Tha Jr. to the Phantazmagoria Haunt & got chased with chainsaws. You could see the 2 of them, hand in hand, clotheslining lovers embracing just for the fun of getting away! It was pretty great?

There was a bonfire & music, but it was music I didn't care about; it always is, according to the cashier of the refreshment stand. He looked equally displeased about the choice of music as well. I mean, it's fine if there are gonna be genres, that is A-o.k. with me, but like, mix it up a bit at least? Pretty please? I don't want to hear Flo-Rida ALL night long, whether my Spawn like it or not!

The night ended well, we made our way home referring fondly to some of our more favorite parts of the night.

I came home & found more artwork in progress from Jason in regard to Teenage Wasteland awaiting me in my Inbox; played catch up on Vamp Wars, read some of 'Lucifer The Divine Comedy' (finally!) & fell asleep snuggling to the scent of Snookmses' back flesh.

I am in this school of firm believin' that Snookms' flesh has healing components embedded into it. I mean, like EVERYTIME? Every, single, freaking TIME I am sick, all I have to do is inhale deeply of his Snookms' flesh smell & I am good for like, a week? Dead serious here! My theory is that maybe this is his compensation for all his Lawful Good Troubles or something? He is a fucking Cleric, of that I have no doubt, whether he cares to acknowledge this or not! & here I am, syphoning all his powers & using it to be like maybe a Lawful Chaotic. (as if there were ever such a thing! Sheeze, I even don't know?)

The next Day of Wonder began Saturday.

Toy Story 1&2 have been re-released into the theatres, 3-D style. I took special care in making sure Snookms was made aware of this on a ridiculous level; badgering him for weeks ahead o' time about it's limited 2 week release.

But you know what? He caved!

There is reason for all this rhyme though I tell you!

Toy Story! I mean c'mon! If you see them, if you watch them, I mean WATCH them watch them, like Snookms & I had to for the first 7 years of our marriage, then you will know what I mean Vern.

(oh, & I thought this was pretty amazing.....)

There were points in life where that is all we DID was Toy Story, like ate, slept & drank it man. It wasn't of our own doing, it became a babysitter of sorts so Snookms & I could snooze a quick nap, or like, get some laundry done & get dinner on the table.

But in that we formed a likeness for the movies. It became such an inherent part of our lives that we began randomly quoting movie lines to insert into our everyday life, like as ironic humour to the situation.

& then of course Tha Jr., with his autistic need to quote movie lines, well SHIT! That didn't help either.

So there are like, a whole colony's worth of inside jokes we have stacked up against these movies. There's History embedded in these em-effers.

You can imagine the joy & delight my little chest could barely contain in having the opportune to relive some of this, & all in 3-D. & sure; there are bad times linked up with the good in this package, but hell, that is every package, you just gotta roll with the punches.

The music from Toy Story 2 PARTICULARLY reminds me of Christmas. Christmas of '01 to be exact. That movie was on endless replay VHS style in those days. It was a whole different school of knowledge back in those days.I was like, really doing some soul-searching for myself then?

So like, when I watched this movie in 3-D on Saturday evening, I was pretty fucking thankful for the glasses. They hid my tears. The tears were not so much for sadness as they were for rememberance. Days gone by & the "look at where we are now" kind of a thing. Everytime there was a movie line quoted that Snookms & I had adapted into our inside joking I'd grin shit-eating style, nudge Snookms all elbowy like, & he'd giggle like a school girl with his gregarious crocodile smile. It was great to the greatest degree!

& then Sunday. Dear sweet Sunday.

Snookms has been on this new schedule of watching football games that involve the Colts playing & I have been trying to be mindful of that considering all that he is mindful of with me, so I indentured myself as servant to make enchiladas for him to enjoy while watching the game. I rewarded myself with visions of me later laying around reading more about Lucifer & surfing intarwebz.

These enchiladas that were made though, they were no ordinary enchiladas! They were technicolour dreamcoat enchiladas I'm telling you! Rainbow Enchiladas! I couldn't decide whether to make them with green sauce or red, so I said, "Hell, why not both?" I added a shitload of extra sauce so they wouldn't be so goddamned dry like the last time I made them & it worked! My attempts to compensate usually never work, so I was pathetically pleased with this one attempt.

The rest of the day was spent like I said, reading about Lucifer Morningstar & his Will, & such.

I have no idea what this week holds; it is chaos to the maximum degree what with Chess Club Meets, therapist appts to keep, Student Leadership Team afterschool meetings to drive the she spawn to, Individual Speech Therapy @ Riley for the Jr.....

The one shining star in this medley of broken chaos is the possibility of Date Night with Mysty on Thursday to see 'Whip It'. It's no wonder all I wanna do today is lay around catching up on season 2 of True Blood & play Mega Man 2 til I beat Dr. Wily Alien Form.



Jess said...

Mooom, I want rainbow enchiladaaaaaas.

Realmcovet said...

Done!!! I'll make em tonight & they'll be on your doorstep by Thursday. :P