Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pretty amazing if you ask ME!!!

Yesterday I had to take Tha Jr. to his speech therapy @ Riley Children's Hospital. On the way there, the most strangest of loveliest coincidences occurred.

I don't know if those of you that follow me on Twitter remember me mentioning that fellow I witnessed having seizures a week or so ago.

Well I was so 'traumatized' by that, I just couldn't get over my concern for the guy. He was so....young. His body was convulsing over & over & over, he was face down in his own puke. It say the least. He'd finally come to, but was in a complete daze. His shirt was covered in his own vomit. This all took place at a gas station off the state road a couple blocks away from where we live. There was a motel acrossed the street from the gas station where this had all occurred; apparently that is where the boy that was having seizures and his father lived.

At this particular time, his 2 friends were just standing there with helpless looks on their faces; I mean, there isn't a whole hell of a lot you can do for someone convulsing face down in a gas station parking lot on the side of a state road? Luckily there happened to be another lady that pulled over in concern for this fellow, & she was pretty much panicking & cussing up a storm because she wasn't able to give the 911 operator on her cell phone the crossroad for our location.

I was so freaked out that I almost couldn't remember either.

"Country Club Road!!!" is what I was finally able to come back with after getting over the initial shock of seeing this all happen.

The whole time he was convulsing he was looking straight at me, through me, beyond me. I wish I knew what was happening in the brain when things like that occur. Some strange psychic phenomena occurred in my wavelengths of thinking & I communed to him with my eyes *youwillbealrightYOUWILLBEALRIGHTyouwillbealright* (as if my Jedi powers could assist him in this moment.)

To shorten this a bit, the ambulance came. Mike & I were headed out by the time they did come, but we at least stayed long enough to wait for his dad to come jetting acrossed the street in midnight state road traffic from the motel they were staying at. His eyes spoke with such urgency when his running legs came to a screeching halt, towering over his son, asking, "Are you okay buddy? Are you OKAY?"

Snookms & I didn't wanna add to the drama so we cut out quick, but that moment stayed with me all night, & well into the week ahead. Every time I drove passed that motel, I would look, scan for any sign of the kid, the only evidence of that moment birthing itself into reality being a dried up puddle of puke in the gas station parking lot adjacent from the motel. I wanted to know that he was going to be okay. More than okay.

Yesterday all my concerns were put to rest.

Driving through the intersection of Girls School Road & Rockville Road to take Tha Jr. to his speech therapy, I notice an unlikely 'commotion' while waiting in the line of traffic to turn right to get onto Rockville Road. There were semi trucks honking, not just once, twice, nor three times a lady, but incessantly, to the point of irritating me. & every time a semi driver honked, I heard loud obnoxious cheers. By now I am at the front of the line of traffic, getting ready to turn right, my window's down, & lo & behold, what do I see?

The fellow!!!! My dear sweet fellow!!! He's alive & well. MORE than alive & well, he's cheering, clapping, jumping up and down with the same 2 friends he was with that night. He's the star of the 'semi show' apparently too.

I sneer with delight at him & his buds, as they motion the universal "hey semi truck driver, do blow yer horn" gesture to the semis passing by. Every single one of those trucks took such pride in honking their horns loud and clear for all to hear. & every time a horn was honked, you'd see my fella there, clapping with sheer delight at the success of such a simple pleasure. I wanted to get out of my car, run over & hug him, tell him I've been so worried about him, but seeing him in this moment of joy for little things in life, it more than make up for any hug I could get from him.

One thing I DID happen to notice is that the kid walked with a gait. At first I thought it was one of those typical "pimp" walks that alot of teenagers walk with to try to look hard, but upon further observation, I saw that it was something he could not help. His left arm was also fisted up into a tight ball on his side, as if it were locked into place that way, and in this my heart caught itself. I couldn't help but wonder if that was a result of the grand mal seizure (as I have been told it is called) he had experienced. Or perhaps it was a pre existing condition? Either way, my heart went out to him.

He was just this teenage boy, living in a motel with his dad, gaining pleasure in the little things in life that I take for granted most days. It was beautiful.

To add to the beauty, I was so excited about the fact that I had saw this kid, that on the way to Menard's later that night, 'round 9 pm or so, I began to unfold the events of my merry day to Snookms. We were driving down that same road, & right as I finished telling him the tale, THERE HE WAS AGAIN!!!! Walking alongside the state road, probably heading home to his humble place of abode. All I could do was crack up for 10 minutes straight.

It was....magickal. Truly Magickal.

Other quicksies I wanted to share, I posted em on Facebook for all y'alls viewing pleasure, but just in case, here they are again.

2 videos of the fellow that's doing the art for my 'Teenage Wasteland' project, one titled "Video Game Animal Whisperer" & the other is "The Enemy Crab from Final Fantasy".

You sort of have to have the esotoric knowledge of videogamespeak to fully appreciate them, particularly the "Video Game Animal Whisperer" one, cause he talks about Metroids in them, & you have to know what a Metroid is to appreciate the humor. Another thing that really helps is knowing who Jason is in real life, because he is generally a very quiet person, keeps quite a heavy lid on his emotions & what he is thinking. So to see him do these videos is a fucking GEM in my eyes. I crack up SO HARD when he calls the video game animals "infidels" & says they are intelligent because they come from a 'computer program'.

The "crab" video is still pretty funny without knowledge of videogamespeak, you can just appreciate it more if you know what Final Fantasy 7's victory battle muzak sounds like, because that is a key component in the 'funny' here.

My thoughts are STILL obsessed with the notion that someone needs to loop the Final Fantasy 7 victory battle muzak (not so much the initial trumpet blaring part, but the flowy *igotskillztopaythebillz* mixture of harmony that comes afterward*) & make one of those silly video game raps that you see on youtube. Jason? Denny? Can I get an AMEN?

So that is all for today.


Jess said...

You helped save him. You're here for a reason, whether you know it or not, but Jesus owes you a favor now, dear. Karma is on your side. :)

Realmcovet said...

Jesus is still angry with me for wanting to rip His Beard out. Maybe this makes us even? Or maybe you are secretly Jesus & that is why I find myself magnetized to the hem of your garment/s. Let me touch them!