Saturday, November 14, 2009

Encouraging the beast within....


It's an odd time for (me!) to be posting a journal entry, but still ... times are out of whack these days.

I think things might finally be back to normal within the next week or so, relatively speaking. At least that is what I am projecting for myself.

Mysty's wedding reception was a hit. Very beautiful & elegant. Snookms even came with me & we brought our spawn. They got restless after a couple of hours & Snookms elected to take them home whilst I stayed, which was very gentleman like of him. My mom & dad were able to take me home just fine, but not before my mom could get hit on at least 20 fucking times in a row. I am just going to have to face the fact that my moms is way the fuck hotter than me. It's rather cute though, cause she is only interested in the ladies now that she has her renegade wizard snagged.

Blacks n reds painted the night, including my hands which I can't seem to scrape the paint off of. I had a blast painting the pretty white pumpkins for Mysty's reception & even carving the ones I did, but I feel like I can't move any of my body parts now. Red and black pumpkins do look adorable however.

I guess I should be working on 'Lucifer's Scar; A Love Story ' but I am just damned tired & brain dead. I've written myself into a corner which I am not going to be easily scrambling out of either, so that doesn't help. The premise is basically Lucifer before he became Fallen Star. Lucifer in all his glory. I've quite fallen for him myself, over the breadth of my words & I am now in the throes of his fell nature. He was god's first creation; god & him become lovers. Adamant lovers. Like at-one-with-the-will-of-the-lord-typed romance things. The colour scheme has become a very inherent part of setting the environment in the heavens; lust, ecstasy, purity. I've woven the concept of evolution into the tale as well. It's classified under the 'erotica fiction' genre of story telling simply because there is a whole lotta lovin goin on with not only god & Lucifer, but with all the angels of heaven. Free love, y'know? It's my preference, anyhow.

I'm starting to really grasp the concept of what I love in a protag. It's got a lot to do with encouraging one's personal best to come out in others, whether it means for the side of darkness or light. & that whole darkness & light thing, very fine line for me. It's not even so much a dynamic as 'line' for me inasmuch as it is one side coming to embrace/accept the other & not wanting to be caught up in the whole evangelistic murk of things. Whatever floats your boat man! Find that, nurture it, forge it the motherfucking flame & hit the 'slay' button. That is just my way, not the way I think I need to project upon others. But whatever! The thing here is that I love watching these small diminuitive characters be given the power over such creatures of the deep & instead they utilize that power to beef up the beast, the guardian, the protector,...Oh, you know what I mean, right?

Midna's a great example. Sebastian from Neverending Story. The Chunk & Sloth dynamic, from that Goonies flick? John Connor & the Terminator. I seriously think Gandalf & the Balrog could've had some great moments of beauty but Gandalf had to go & fight instead of converge. Boo! But still. I think mayhaps the whole Ed & Al bit from Full Metal Alchemist could be another example of what I'm possibly tryna convey here?

Here's a good one fer all you old timers.

Bodyguard, protector, call it what you may. I like it. The combined effort of brain, brawn & compassion, for whatever principle you're rooting for... if I was going to do it, that's how I would go about it anyhoo.

I still try to figure out whom is which in my personal relationships. Like Snookms vs. Me? I'm pretty sure he is vessel & I am diminiutive commander. Mysty & I, not too sure still. Just when I think I've got her to a 'T' she goes & surprises the shit outta me. Let-Dawg & I; here I am vessel & she is commander. It's been steady rock n rollin all life long....

But yes, I am rambling. I still need to recover from how busy last week was on top of my brain being fried from spewing 12k words forth from my noggin in a week's time. I really hope I can get the ol' ball rollin again; my dreams are getting plagued with too much symbolic imagery.

Speaking of which! Antichrist: watch it if you dig symbolic imagery, for that flick is chock full o' the shit. I dig it, highly. I know a handful of others that will too. I was able to order it 'On Demand' & though it was a tad pricy, it was worth it. Mysty came over & we covered up with leafy quilts & sipped on Peppermint white mochas all the while. It was very much temptation at it's finest, but I feel like Galadriel in my effort to resist, for I did not yield to the desire of my loins. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Well I must concoct creative reasonings as to why I can't nor shan't cook dinner & watch the uncut version of 'Drag Me to Hell'. I should want to fuse the two together somehow, no?


kathulhu said...

Will you be the peanut butter to my jelly?

Jess said...

I need to be your vessel. I need you, my baby love. I am irritable and snarly.

Realmcovet said...

Kat: Yes.

Jess; I shall navigate the way!