Monday, November 23, 2009

What can I say, she's in to malakas

I need to get on the ball!!!!

I have therapy today instead of tomorrow/tomarrow... @ 11 instead of ten. So I have a bit o' time to spare. Still though, not nearly enough as I'd like.

Went to see New Moon w/ Carmen yesterday afternoon. It was so cute how excited she was. Mostly I think she was just happy to have a day out with me, but I know seeing Edward & Bella get their pretend mack on had a lot to do with her vigor... She even wore my pretty purple Star Wars t-shirk & wore her hair down. She now considers 99.9% of the population a potential Meat Market. Scarrry.

I have one conclusion to make from the Twilight series; Edward would make an excellent Alucard. If I was a Peter Jackson I would SO be bringing Castlevania to life. Black No. 1 would have to be thrown into the soundtrack as well as LOTS of fucking. Seriously. That is just about all I could think about the whole movie. Also; EPIC WOLF MUFFINZ! Did you see how large those fuckers were? I mean, they were muffinz as big as your HEAD. *makes silly hand gestures just to get the scope*

Had great fun this weekend with Snookms too. Thursday we stayed up late & watched 'Weird Science' one of my favouritests. I was reminded of how badly I wanted Wyatt to saunter out of my kitchen in Kelly LeBrock's underwear. Triple Sigh! Snookms always giggles at the same parts I do during that movie. Like when Gary is plastered at the bar & gets all crazy with his posse just cause they asked if it was "on tha dang telephone". Ev'ry damn NIGHT! In the family jewels???? Heeheeheeeeeeeeee! Snookms is my TWIN.

We also had great fun just hanging out w/ the spawn at Barnes & Noble. Going there is a simple pleasure; we can get away with just sitting around & not spending ample amounts of money, reading, chit-chatting & drinking things that make us addicted. The spawn entertained themselves with gore mags & I finished up reading Trog Rose (which deserves an entirely separate post when I get more time; I highly enjoyed this book! It was everything I anticipated it to be & I want MORE.) whilst Snookms read magazines about Colts & How to Blow Shit Up From the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen. He's such a conservative anarchist.

Saturday evening I tried to get away with frying hamburger meat, making a pot of fresh rice & serving it as 'dinner'. Snookms was not tryna hear that though & gave me a bunch of shit for it. Mostly made fun of me & said things that made me punch him in the shoulder.

He also made me giggle when he took the plastic ring thingy for six packs of cola & told Fezziwig in a very serious tone, "Hey, David, can you place this around a duck's neck please?" instead of just cutting it up & throwing it away. He knows I get all postal on anyone who doesn't do the 'deed'. Jerkface.

I am not NEARLY as far as I wanna be on Lucifer's Scar. May not even make the mark, I don't want to be delusional about it but I don't want to give up hope just yet. The kids only go to school for 3 days this week so I may have some decent hours to crank out a few K. We shall see. I'm going from loving the story to hating it & right back to loving it again. I try not to go back too much & read what I've already wrote cause I know the shit will make me cringe .... Still though; it is what it is!

Finally got to see "House of 1000 Corpses" with Mysty, it's one of her favouritests so of course I had to see what it was all about. It was great fun & the clown makes me giggle, cause like, Pigs is Beautiful. We have our winter schedule all planned out; there will be some High Tension, I Spit on Your Grave, Slither, & lots of other goodies in store for the near future. & all on the comfort of muh redhead's couch.

Also one last thing:


"People who bought this book also bought no other books in their entire life".

There's more, WAY MORE, but I have to go!


kathulhu said...

That's so awesome that you and snookums laugh at the same parts in movies. He just looks at me like I'm retarted and makes sure I'm not going into cardiac arrest.

And that book review was great! I love how everything can be given a D&D twist.

Realmcovet said...

He does NOT look at you that way. I think he's pretty intimidated by you cause you're much more intelligent of a kumquat than I'll ever be. :P

Also. EVERYTHING should be given a D&D twist.

kathulhu said...

What I meant to say is that Aaron never laughs at the same parts that I do cause he thinks I'm 'tarded.