Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hand Me the Mace of Gabriel & Nothing More!

Starting to get all them creepy international spam comments again, glad I've got comment moderation on. I just hope they don't start blasting my page with 50 of them a day & shit, like they did @ The Vampire Newspaper. Sheeeeeeeesh.

Let's see... Legion! Don't waste yer billz. I mean, if the story line would have just stole my story line from Lucifer's Scar, I would've been an insolent, yet happy camper. But it did not. The one liners were fucking embarrassing (almost as embarrassing as me?) & the female protags SUCKED. "Here, you take this little gun preggerz gurl, God Forbid you do anything B R A V E? I mean, Paul Bettany as Micheal/Michael (I always get them two mixed up!) was absolutely beautiful, don't get me wrong here. They couldn't have picked a better fellow for the role, but everyone/thing else fucked it all up. Except for Gabriel. & his MACE. & alluding to possible Michael/Gabriel lovinz. That would've been such a treat. But no. No. No. NO. There was also such potential with the Heavens & talk of going to war. But it failed. #FAIL.

Moon. Good movie. I liked it. I can't really say a whole lot about this movie because it would pretty much spoil the whole thing. It unfolds pretty quickly & then you are left toying around with Sam Rockwell imagery throughout the rest of the flick, which was a - ok! in my book. He's fucking beautiful. So is Kevin Spacey, even though he is just a 'voice' in this movie, but hey, I'll take it. Robo-Kevin! The atmosphere in the movie is very creepy/gorgeous too, you definately get a good feel of the isolation they are tryna impose, like in Metroid.

It's kind of funny here, & I just came to this realization a year or two ago, but I noticed that there is this distinct look Snookms has & when I see it in others male or female, I hone in on it quickstyle & feel automatically attracted to them just BECAUSE they resemble the Snookms' look. I would've never in a million years gave a shit about Sam Rockwell had he not reminded me of Snookms first. So I guess mostly I am attracted to potential Snookms Clones?

What else, what else!?

Been taking bubble baths everynight, courtesy of Leticia's recommendations. It's been a sanity saver for sure, I light candles, drink tea & bring my laptop so I can listen to my blipfmstation. I heart it alot-alot.

Today is Groundhog's Day & also my mom & dad's anniversary. I think it's 37 years today. Wow. It seems alot longer. They still fight like they're fucking newlyweds though. & make up like em too. Srsly.

Still tryna read up on the Shadow & Claw series. I'm @ the part where they are JUST starting to talk about this whole 'Abaia' thing. I am intrigued to the fullest extent, it is just so hard to squeeze in free time to read it so I take it to bed with me & fall asleep reading about sharp toothed mermaid thingamahoozits & dream of them in my own little urban mindwarp. Mermaids with oozis/ies?

Was taking a nice bubble bath last night & listening to Metallica's 'Call of Cthulhu', feeling inspired to write some more in Teenage Wasteland. That project has been put on the back burner for quite some time, I'm ready to dust it off again & get down to the nitty gritty. Mr. Ortiz has joined the FB wagon as of late so he can now monitor my progress more astutely! Not that that was the reason he joined of course, but, yeah, that's what I'm thinking about mostly. I'm such a twerp!

Just recently I got sort of 'best of' compilation of H.P. Lovecraft's works; can you believe this, but I've never read any of his shite til just recently? I was intrigued by the prose for a sample of the 'Call of Cthulhu' story & I'm like, "Fuck baby, where have you BEEN all my life?" I love it when you stumble/happen acrossed a thing like that & it just speaks to your innerds & makes them glow with toxic delight.

Well I have way more to babble about, but I have to get ready for my appointment with the therapist this afternoon. ONE DAY I'LL BE A THERAPIST TOO GODDAMMIT.


kathulhu said...

That sucks that Legion was so disappointing :( I do love me some Paul Bettanny hotness, though.

Never heard of Moon. I'll have to look for trailers on youtube.

I always get the urge to take bubble baths in the evening but I usually don't cause I'll spend at least an hour in the tub. By the time I get the kids bathed & put to bed, & watch a show w/Aaron it's usually too late :(

I'm finishing up my current library book & then I'm starting Lucifer's Scar! It's been a really long time since I've read Call of Cthulhu. I'll have to dust it off once I'm done w/your book. I gave up on Gene Wolfe. Had to send my copy back to the library. I really liked his ideas & the imagery was nice, it was just very tedious for me. Big words confuse me :)

Congrats to your parents! It takes a lot of work to stay married and they're making it work!

Realmcovet said...

Yeah, I haven't seen a whole buttload o' Paul Bettany movies BUT, this was by far his best role in my opinion. I kept thinking, FUCK HE'D PLAY AN AWESOME LUCIFER! & hoping beyond a hope that he would secretly be so... Those tats were goregemous on him!

You might be bored of Moon, so be forewarned.

I had the same stance on bubble baths too, but Leticia kept saying, just jump in for like 10 minutes, it'll save yo life! So I did & I look forward to it like a cigarette and or an orgasm everynight.

I really hope you dig Lucifer's Scar, I'm so worried you'll be bored to death & won't even finish it! & yeah, go read Cthulhu! We can have a Lovecraft reading group AS WELL as a Book o' the New Sun one! W000000000000t.

Big words DO NOT confuse you. I know this about you!

& thanks for the congrats. They're pretty jazzed too! :)

Jess said...

Hey, you! Do you have crazy Midwestern snow?!

kathulhu said...

We need a blogger!
Not a back flogger!
We need a writer!
Not a...big fat dyker!

That's all for now.