Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone bake me a cake because I am HUNGRY

It is snowing & I love it. The blizzard intrigues me!

Well I have been a real busy body lately; not much time for anything I like to do on teh intarwebz. But that is a-ok! with me, it's kind of nice to have a thing to do & a penny to earn. I think what gets most difficult about my new life schedule is those weeks I have nothing but appointments once the spawn get home from their according academies. This week = Social Group for Jr. on Monday, Chess club & ISTEP tutoring for Jr. & Fezziwig on Tuesday, Speech therapy for Jr. on Wednesday & then the light @ the end o' the tunnel is Date Night with Mysty. We are probably going to see Legion, which I'm pretty jazzed about, BUT! I am trying NOT to get my hopes up too high in case it pisses me off with bullshit friendly shaningans. Sometimes movies like that just don't dig deep enough? But we shall see!!!

I can't even remember what happened on Friday except for giant sub sammiches from Penn Station that can clog an artery in 5 seconds or less. Oh, wait. The lunch date! I almost forgot. That went exceptionally well. I met w/ the spawns' school psychologist @ the school then we rode together to Panera where we met up with Jr.'s old occupational therapist & speech therapist. These ladies combined could fuse together to become one of the most formidable Voltron variations I know of? All 3 of them are in their 40's, dashingly gorgeous & charming, passionate, & unconditional in their love & judgements upon others & have the fashion sense of David Bromstad. I was so flattered that they wanted to take me out on a lunch date to celebrate my memoir. & let's face it; I know my book wasn't the greatest, there were so many typos, a lot of bullshit prose & just a bunch of footsteps in the dark. But the fact that they took the time to read it meant so much to me. They could've got bored & chucked it. Or offended & disregarded it. Instead they took time out of their lives & even sought to give me a card, each of them signed & enclosed a personal insight to what they felt about the book. They even bought me a beautiful necklace & some earrings. I was so touched I almost started crying. Then they even told me congratulations in the middle of our lunch date & started clapping. I wanted to sink into my seat! On the way home I had a really great convo w/ the psychologist, (we always have these!) & I drove home in my own car once she dropped me off feeling such a deep sense of connection with this woman. She's in charge of the Autism Awards Ceremonies in Wayne Township & wants to see if she can get any costume stores to donate a few Star Wars get ups so all the adult participants of the ceremony can don space gear this year. I think that would be EPIC. So if any of you know of a place that might be willing to do something like this, let me know. I've scoped out a few places on the net, but so far I haven't got any nibbles. It'd be for a great cause!

Saturday! Oh dear god Saturday! It was a nightmare. A mess. A week ago I had done what my sister in law likes to call an 'initial' clean on the spawns' bedroom. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had contemplated it to be, but it still needed decluttering in the closet, in their drawers, in the TOYBOXES. So Saturday was the day our 5 member household combined efforts to do so. We emptied out the closet, the drawers, the toyboxes. Stuff was everywhere. On our bed. On the dining room table, all the heck over the surrounding floors. There was nowhere to sit & rest at one point! But we were adamant & by 3:30 am we were able to clean up most of the disaster. Snookms even installed a ceiling light in the spawns room which I kept giving him shit about since he had to go up into the attic to do the electrical work. It is NOT to my advantage that he isn't a chicken baby. Damn you Paranormal Activity!

Sunday was another day at the new church. It went well. The pastor was talking about this story of Esther & her cousin Mord(e)cai. I really like the way he tells the stories too. It's not boring & full of inserts I want to term as bullshit.

Snookms & I had taken separate vehicles because he was invited to watch the Colts game afterwards out @ his momz & I knew I wasn't up for hanging out at someone else's pad all day considering we just did that at our own the day before, cleaning. So afterwards I took the She-Spawn with me whilst the other 2 remained with their dad & we had ourselves some fun.

We went to Peking Buffet for lunch in Plainfield & had a crab fest. By crab fest I mean unlimited amounts of crab, melted butter, lemon & soy sauce dip, & rice, rice baby. We ate till we exploded. Then we went next door to check out Rue 21, which is a clothing store I really like. It's a lot of cheaply made threads but hey man, they're pretty cute AND pretty cheap. She-Spawn found some really cool shoes & I got some sexy gun underwear & a cute yellow ninja top. She-Spawn got a chibi-ish looking alien one since she is obsessed with little green men/women.

We were going to venture to Best Buy afterward on a mad hunt for a Joy Division cd (I love how she loves what I love!) but after we realized how many bills we just dropped & decided to save it for another week. Instead we went to visit my momz & popz & just had a bunch of fun sitting around & chatting. My parents DVR everything (which I am starting to get pretty jealous of because I haven't ordered that yet on my own account!) so they had us stay & watch some great stand up comedy. I think the first one was an HBO special? Or maybe it was Showtime? It was a bunch of asian comedians (mostly filipino/a!) doing stand up at their finest, Slanted Comedy. I really loved it because there is so much inside humour from the filipino/a perspective & I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. I know Snookms would totally dig it cause he is forever tryna come up with lame ways to trump my ass cap-wise. The show was chock full of good ammo for Snookms.

Monday was busy but fun. After helping my sister in law with her cleaning biz & picking up the spawn & marveling at the blizzard we all sat around & watched District 9 which I fucking loved. I wasn't at all sure how I was going to feel about it until my mom & pops relayed to me some of the details of the movie. & my dad keeps tryna pimp Pandorum on me; he even bought it & is all like, "You need to come over this week & watch it with your mother & I". So that needs to go on the calendar as well.

I also came home delighted to find an email from SexScenes, asking if I'd read over a couple of chapters from her latest WIP to see if she got the feel for one of her characters right. I was fucking FLATTERED, cause she's pretty top-notch when it comes to writers in my book. (You people/posthumans know who you are!)

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sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hahaha! I asked you to WORK and you like it. Hahahaha! That's so adorable.

Naw, hell, you're the only one I know who can tell me the shit I need about those chapters and you know it.

I am so jealous over you seeing LEGION. I want to blow off another day and go see it, but I'm losing two working days this week as it is, and it's a bad week for that, so dang. Next week maybe. Have fun!

kathulhu said...

You are so cute! I'm glad that the ladies at school took you out. You deserve the recognition :)

Realmcovet said...

Um, Sex, if what you're asking me to do is 'work' then ARREST ME cause I shall be your love slave FOREVA. & yeah, Legion. I'll stash you in my new Nightmare Before Christmas purse if you like?

Kat: Me, cute? Ha! Thanks. Yer the cute one. You actually deserve recognition too!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

News flash.

You are brilliant.

Thus, so is your book.

Anything you touch/say/poop out/regurgitate is brilliant and I worship you.


Still wants to live in your boat

Realmcovet said...

Dear Wants To Live In My Boat,

COME LIVE IN MY BOAT! & nothing I touch/say/poop out/regurgitate can be nearly as brilliant what you could produce from your fingertips. You know this in your heart of hearts Jess.

Jess said...


YAYZORS and yes, this summer I shall appear with food in hand. :)