Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey look! Things I'm getting good at!

(via ... man, I don't even know!)

So yeah, that's been the name o' the game to get me through these perilous past two weeks. Typically I am pretty decent at that, but for the bomb that was dropped on me I had to bust out the handbook, y'know? Dust it off & take notes & whatnot?

Today is a new day tho.

Yesterday was awesome, finally got to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It was as joyous an occasion as I had expected it to be, the spawn & Snookms in tow as well. They were so diggin it & all giggles n toe curlin delight. Made me happy for life. The bestest battle was Ramona vs. the evil ex grrlfran. & then the Final Fantasy 2 bassline. Plus Needy's boyfriend (from Jennifer's Body?) was superexcellentcute as Neil. There's other stuff I'm prolly forgetting -- Oh! Like the Sex-Bomb-ombs! They sounded awwwwwwesome. & The Clash @ Demonhead. YEAH! Loved that rockin shit.

Today I'm hoping to venture up to Castleton Square Mall once Snookms awakes from his beauty sleep. That's the only mall I halfway enjoy going to that has a Build a Bear Factory. I need to witness the Sanrio Friends 50th Anniversary Celebration merge for myself. If only to touch the hem of it's garments? I mean like, think of the possibilities!!! Chococat dressed up like Hannah Montana, or Keroppi starring as Spaceman. Or even My Melody as Dracula! She could then possibly be initiated into Mordicai's vampire hoverboard gang.

Once that fun is over maybe a stroll in the park of parks? The King of All Parks. I hope so.

Books I've read worth mentioning as of late ...

The Catcher in the Rye

-Totally fell in love with this. The redundancy of details got kind of annoying until you realized that this is just the way Holden talks. You learn to appreciate the prose somehow once you get halfway to 3/4 of the book. It's really funny & really tragic & great for nosy people like me that have manic & trailing thoughts that lead you out of reality constantly.

A Step from Heaven by An Na -

This one is fucking SAD. I found this hidden gem @ the Riley Children's Hospital while waiting on Tha Jr. to get done with his Social Group Therapy. The staff issues tons of free books & just lies them around everywhere kind of nonchalantly & patients are allowed to bring them home & read them as long as they return them. This is about an immigrant (Young Ju) girl from Korea moving to America with her mother & father to make a promising future for themselves. The way in which An Na was able to explain pictures in words assaulted my sense of taste, touch, smell, hearing & vision so deeply I just couldn't put it down. For someone who has not been through the abuse herself, she sure describes the emotions attached to the situation quite accurately. I had to put the book down several times & dry my eyes because it was so touching. You'll see. Go read it.

I already talked about The Bell Jar right? Yeah, I'm thinking I want to find some more of Sylvia Plath's works. I had read recently somewhere that there was talk of a movie adaptation in the making? Partly produced by a one Julia Stiles, which I thought could be potentially cool? I dunno tho, could be olde news. I'm just sayin, it'd be fun to see what comes of it, y'know? Especially since she was even reading a copy of The Bell Jar in 10 Things I Hate About You. Things like that just tickle me in a way that is strange to most.

Other stuff ...

Dune! The old version? I watched this last week. Well, it was on as white noise while I was speeding through The Catcher in the Rye.

See now, my dad watched this when I was young. Like really young. & I was really sick when he watched it. So it was one of those things were I was stuck on the couch watching it & it kind of melded with my weird sick dreams & stuff, so like, I've always had these strange Dune like images embedded into the memory walls of my grey matter. When I'm in sci-fi or story mode my imagery tends to lend me that kind of visual thinking. So yeah. I'm sitting there watching Dune & fucking falling in reunited love with it & see here ... I've never read any of the novels. I know I want to, soon, but I think because I've never read them that I was able to appreciate the movie without having source material to reference from. I hear a lot of haters complain on that movie because I guess it fabricated a lot of extra bullshit that fans of the novels didn't care for too much. & I ain't here to bust their chops, because I feel you guys on that stuff. But I liked being able to enjoy this movie. Maybe not for what it WAS, but for what I was able to take away from it. The whole "My name is a killing word" biz got me all hot & bothered. & the worms. Oh heck. It is pretty much what I was hoping Star Wars would be when I was a kiddo. But I still enjoyed the ride nonetheless. So there THAT is.

Saw The Expendables the weekend before. Was pretty much what I expected & it was entertaining for the most part. Jason Statham kicks some major knife throwing ass. & don't be misled. That all star line up is nowhere near in action the way you hope it to be. Mostly a bloated Mickey Rourke crying about his past & a couple of 'guest appearances' with the Governor of California & ol' whathisface from the Sixth Sense. Dolph Lundgren tho! Oooh, shoooooweee! He still makes muh heart skip a beat after all these years. I always hated him for killing Apollo but y'know, he kicked ASS. I WILL DEFEAT YOU

I'd love to see Sylvester Stallone direct & star in the role of a Contra movie, with Dolph Lundgren as his trusty sidekick. Throw H.R. Giger's art influence in & Peter Jackson's attention to detail & who knows? We might have a winner! I don't know how they could pull the Spread Gun thingy off though.

I am going to college in January also. Taking the COMPASS/assesment testing Tuesday & then I register for classes in October. Majoring in Human Services, hoping to land a job somewhere in the special ed/counseling services department.

I just recently realized it's where my heart belongs; to those who think outside of the box & don't always have the voice everyone requires here on this Urth to say so. I want to be a guide to that voice. For Snookms. For Jr. For me & everyone else that's struggled to grasp the concept of communicating on this realm's terms. I'd do that shit for free & HAVE done it for free. I've read a decent quote that says something to the effect of "When you find your calling you'll do it for free". So yeah. Why not get paid & receive benefits if I can mean to do so?

It's been good to update here. I want to do it more often. It's just hard for me. I don't exactly know why either, I just know I'd love to get on here at least once a day & write. Hope for this to be so friends!


Natasha Fondren said...

Love, love, love the new design!

I couldn't get through The Bell Jar, unfortunately. I mean to try again. :-) Her poetry is INCREDIBLE. You've heard her reading of "Daddy," haven't you? (You'll get chills.) Also Lady Lazurus. Oh! And Ariel, and November Graveyard, and The Applicant... There are a bunch on YouTube, and they're fabulous!

I've been reading her Unabridged Journals this year. WONDERFUL.

kathulhu said...

I still haven't had a chance to check out The Bell Jar. I've always wanted to read her stuff and have never gotten around to it. I need to make a trip to the library. And I have Dune, if you ever want to borrows it. I really liked the book a lot. I don't remember much of the movie except the fact that Sting was in it. Me luffs me some Sting.

I'm so glad to hear that you are going back to school in January!!! Good for you! I think that you will excel in the Human Services industry. I just hope that you are able to distance yourself enough that you aren't hurt too much by other people's stories. You are such an empathic person that I could see it really affecting you but it's one of the things that makes you super excellent at what you want to do :)

I want to see Scott Pilgrim, too. It looks superfriggencute. Next time you are out at the Castleton Mall, call me! I might be able to come out and meet you for coffee!

... said...

Hey Natasha! Thanks lady, glad you dig it. I'm likin it a lot too. :) Also, thanks so much for all the Sylvia Plath hookup. It's EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I think if you stick The Bell Jar out you'll find it satisfying.

Kat! I lent it to Mysty but you can borrow it when she's done with it. I think you'll totally be able to relate with her. It's kinda boring in the beginning but there are little snippets in there Plath throws around to keep you hooked just enough. Also! Hells yeah I wanna borrow DUNE. It's the next thing to hunt down & read on my list. So thanks for the offer. :) Yeah dood, friggin STING man. I was crackin up so hard when he did his little "appearance" stance. You'll love it tho.

I'm soooooper excited for the college thing, it's practically all I friggin think about now. & I was worried too that I'd get all suckered into everyone's sob stories, but oh well. It's a weakness I can learn how to be strong in.

Scott Pilgrim was pretty much the perfect fucking movie & you will love it to the max. & if I am out in Castleton I will shine a giant light in the sky to signal for you k? It's in the shape of a massive anus.