Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Neon Bible

Went to Ivy Tech today & took my COMPASS placement testing. I suck at math. It was the first section I had to do too. I had to guess on every single question. I think the test just gave up on me in that department once it realized I was getting every single question wrong because it was so fucking short. But the reading and writing portions were a breeze. The test was estimated to take around 2 and half hours & I got done in about an hour and a half. I wish I didn't suck at math so badly. Oh well. That's what the testing is for I s'pose?

& like I told Paige, some guy kept farting in the test room.

I go back to register for classes in October. It's cool though cause I got a headstart with the whole financial aspect of it since I filled out my FAFSA last year. I hope all the effort I'm putting in to this comes to fruition.

I work tomorrow. I really don't fucking want to either. It has been so long since I've been able to just enjoy the warm embrace of a sleeping Snookms. All day long I fantasize about climbing into bed with him & burying my nose in his chest hairs. He has sleep paralysis tho so I have to watch out lest I get clocked in the jaw in his sleep. Scares the SHIT outta me when he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming like a fucking banshee. Wish there was something I could do to take away his terror. :(

I had a really great appt with my therapist last week. I had been dreading it all month long, as per my usual & again I was so happy I went once it was all said & done. I leave her office feeling light & hopeful, like I can accomplish anything. We've decided to move our appts back to every other week for now instead of once a month due to some of the stuff I am covering with her currently. And I'm actually looking forward to my next meet with her.

Just sitting here, listening to Cello Suite no 1 & waiting on Snookms to get home from work. I look forward all fucking day to him coming home & once he does I am so utterly tired that I literally fall asleep sitting up talking to him. I wish I could stay awake longer to hang out with him. Otherwise I don't see him again till Friday night or Saturday afternoon. My weekends with him are fucking cherished. And with the kids.

I'm realizing how much older they really are now; so far away from being the babies they once were. We're like a bunch of adults up in this house now, sharing feelings, thoughts & emotions with one another. Ideas are exchanged, musical preferences established. Movies, tv shows & video games are top conversation fodder in the household. (As long as Snookms isn't home) Because when he is home then we talk about Rambo & Sylvester Stallone a lot & the crush Snookms & I have fabricated our shespawn to have for him. We tease her that she secretly adores him but she really despises the shit outta him in real life.

(image source via artpixie)

It all started when we were watching **edit** -->"Stop or My Mom Will Shoot" <--**edit** one Saturday afternoon. We were sitting around talking about how ridiculously lame that movie is & Carmen kept going on & on about how deformed she thought Sylvester Stallone's face was. It was pretty funny but Snookms & I took it up a notch by saying that she secretly wanted to caress his jawbone. Then Snookms said she was going to get Rocky curtains put up in her room & boxing gloves to put on the four corners of her bedposts. I think I started crying at that point because I was laughing so hard. Then there was a scene in the movie where Sylvester Stallone was in his underwear sitting in his bed all doggystyle like & Snookms said Carmen was going to have a coffee table replica built of him like that. So I jumped on the floor & got on all fours & said, "Whaddoya say?" & stuck my butt out real far. Snookms was laughing pretty hard at this point. Then I said Carmen was going to get a poster of Apollo & cross his face out with a giant permanent marker.

So that was part of one of our weekends.

Man. I need another social network. Everything is getting hella boring to me again. Even Tumblr. I still love it but when nobody posts new shit I get so depressed. I'm like a lost little soul on the internet. I want something fun & engaging but also something that doesn't require too much initiative on my part. Cause I'm lazy & unstable. Pretend everything I've said here doesn't cancel out nor negate what I just said one minute ago!

& that is all.


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