Monday, December 6, 2010

The Scenario....

Waiting on Snookms to wake up & get ready; we're finally getting around to our Christmas shopping! & the difficult task ahead of me here is to NOT jump on our shared sleeping quarters & smother him to death with my Sugarplump death grip. What? That's his pet name for me. It's s'posed to be Sugarplum, but he added a 'p' at the end to be intentionally adorable & it just stuck like that. I heart it a whole lot to be honest.

So right now I'm watching Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines on FX (well it's playing as white noize anyhow) & I'm cranking out my blip jams. I really find Blip quite useful. It's one of my most used "social networks". I'm sure all y'all are sick of it too that deal with me on Twitter & Facebook. Sowwy.

It started snowing on Friday evening I think? I dunno, could be wrong. I just know I woke up Saturday & there was glorious fucking snow everywhere. Maybe it was Friday? Either way it was great. Oh, that's right! December 1st! Shit, that's a Wednesday, BOY AM I OFF. I remember now because the spawn & I were making observations about how fitting it was that the snow finally came to grace us with it's presence on the first of December. It's only an inch or 3 but hey! I don't care, I love the snow. Shespawn & Fezziwig share the same affinity for winter & it's culture as I, but to Tha Jr. it's like motherfucking Kryptonite. It weakens his tolerance for bullshit & makes him want to curl up into a ball & cry about life. I think a big thing of it is the whole 'change' deal with Autism, & how hard it is to adapt. & then of course how ridiculously cold it gets. He can't freely go running outside everytime he needs to take a power walk without freezing his testicles off. So I understand & try not to deem him a party pooper for hating on the snow. On Sunday I made pototo(e) soup when I woke up so it would be ready for Snookms when the Colts played & it was perfect timing when it did get done because I was able to surprise shespawn with a snowball attack outside. We had fun chasing each other around the desolate snowland outside; we even took a stroll around the block & kicked a frozen snowball all the way back to the house. She saved it & put it in the freezer, we promised we'd pretend it was a piece of wedding cake & come back to it in 50 years so we could eat it. Lucky I had my fingers crossed when I made that promise. After she stored her memorabilia we unsheathed our Christmas Story gear & ate the heck outta some potato(e) soup & I made hot chocolate with marshmallows & whipped cream.

Made it out to my mom & dad's later that night & was in for a sinigang treat! Their house smelled of lemon, fresh garlic & mustard green heaven & I was telling my mom I wish I could twitter the heavenly scent to all mah peeps so they could grasp the understanding of my joy. You put this stuff over rice & you are set for the night son! After we ate Dexter came on & each episode gets consecutively better then the previous. I love love LOVE me some cuddly Dexter. Since I've been sprung into the series I haven't had the opportunity to see Dexter really display any affection, so seeing him do so with you-know-whoooooo was uber fucking delight for me. I wanted to squeeze right in between & pet them both. Deb tho? She's gotta be my favourite. She's the best. She's such a bitch, but she's so straightforward & says exactly what needs to be said, regardless of whether people are gonn' be hatin or not, y'know?

So like, Tumblr's been down since last night. I been kinda bummed about that, but it's not too bad. I get more done on my days off when I'm not glued to rb'in stuffs. I still say velveteenrabbit is my absolute favourite there. One minute she's reblogging Public Enemy shit & then she'll be bustin out the James Jean & Trevor Brown. I'm all like, "ooh grrl, get outta my fucked up head! Please!" But she won't. I got to hear her voice on this one place she posts groovy mixes & whatnot. So pretty. She also recorded her doing the Scenario rap on her phone for me & reblogged it on Tumblr just for shits & giggles & it was pretty fantastic. So yeah. She's super awesome.

Okay so now Snookms is totally reading to brave the Christmas madness with me so I'm out y'all!

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