Wednesday, December 22, 2010

shake dre4ms from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one

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i just woke up from a nap & i'm feeling under the influence with grog.

my friday has begun & i'm so relieved & happy. the kids were all consecutively sick during christmas & that shit is more depressing than Elliot having to part from E.T.

already talked it over with snookms today after i got off work & we're all gonna see paranormal activity 2 at movies8 in greenwood tomorrow/tomarrow before the new year's eve festivities. SOEXCITED. even tho i seen it already with muh redhead & 20 other of her worshippers, i am still jazzed to see it with snookms & my kiddoes. i think they'll appreciate the spook factor.

snookms sister (aka big boss matsumoto) & snookms aunt (aka my co-worker) & i were gathered round the subwayeatfresh table today at lunch exchanging haunted house stories. i hafta say that snookms & his sister & mom take the cake when it comes to them. i guess they even had an exorcism performed in one of their houses when they lived on the east side of indy because it got so bad. it's to the point where snookms sister is the only one willing to talk about it these days. i am telling you all right now, demonology & paranormal activity is one of my isolated interests. do NOT get me started on that shit or i will never & i mean NEVER shut the fuck up. that, & anything psychology related. ESPECIALLY autism.

also, do not bring up symphony of the night, ff7, ff10, sandman series, the smell of snookms flesh, fell beasts, or obsessive compulsive disorder. prolly not a good idea to bring up all things laura palmer related either. you best QUIT.

okay. so, insofaras loot be goin, yeah. snookms got me stuff, even tho we said we weren't gonna do that. he got me that wikked awesome nightmare before xmas purse that i put a picture up of on twitter, & the best of u2 cd, & a very trench coat-ished looking black coat. i got him a replacement wedding ring made of titanium, & some colour-coded clippers that i've already de-virginized in order to touch up my shave.

the spawn made out like motherfucking bandits. jr. got an ipod touch, a fuckton of horror movie paraphenalia (mostly movies & shirts of the friday the 13th & halloween essence) & a beanbag chair & his very own ninja star & combat knife. fezziwig got halo reach legendary edition, call of duty black ops, two miniature sized combat knives that are the size of my pinky but made exactly like a full scale model, 2 pairs of pants-on-tha-ground pants cuz he's like his momma used to be, a webcam w a mic, & some module thing that transfers xbox360 memory from one console to another. shespawn got silent hill 1, silent hill origins, shattered memories, midnight pomegranate body spray & body butter, a gray hoodie that i am coveting thee fuck out of because it has silver bedazzled bradz all over it, pre-poked thumb holes in the bottom of the sleeves & an ear bud system sewn inside. she also got a bunch of xmas scented hand sanitizer from bath & body works, including vampire blood scented which i heart. snookms picked out an 'how to draw manga' book for her along with a really keen looking drawing journal that has a hard cover silver embellishing on the front. it seems like there is other stuff i am forgetting, but yeah, that is just what they got from us parental units.

other gifts from fellow family members:
  • under the dome by stephen king
  • ramona & beezus the movie
  • a 'jesse' themed (toy story 2 & 3) candy cane from my mom which has so much meaning it makes my heart fucking hurt with unexplainable delight every time i peek at it in my purse
  • a loaf of kick ass homemade cranberry-pumpkin bread that snookms sister baked
  • a bunch o' culinary ware from snookms mom & stepdad

we also went to see the new tron @ metropolis on xmas day. it was definately an xmas worthy movie, like, one you'd hope to see on xmas day. the daft punk music was a perfect fit for the movie & jeff bridges still manages to get my panties in a bunch even if he is gray & takin one for team zen.

am making slow progress on the wasteland, but still enjoying thoroughly. i have a thing for beetle already & i barely know the fellow. & of course gillick. because why? because he's a hit with the ladies, alright? & the fact that he's a hit with beetle gets me all giggly as well. you'll all hear about it soon enuff.

other than all of this it's just been work, take care of sick babies, deal with college paperworks & assistance program appts & the likes. it's like being pulled through a knot having to deal with it all, but i just push it to the very furthest recesses of my being & let it be dealt with when the time comes for it to be dealt with. it also gets lonely as fuck with snookms working nights, but i am a resourceful girl & now know how to use my time (mostly!) wisely. after tomorrow/tomarrow it will be 10 more days till college. i'll be able to put that statement about myself to the true test!


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Everybody loves a nihilist!

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Yay for boobies!

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