Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i will follow you unto the dark

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its late & i'm tired, but not sleepy.

woke up this morning feeling like my bones had been chewed on all night, coming to the realization that MY PERIOD WAS IN FULL FORCE. i guess it didn't help that i started the new weight lifting plan that snookms recommended me either? but i was motivated so whatever! i lost all my motivation to do healthy things for my body last week; my mind & emotions delved into a sort of depression that couldn't be putted out easily. my pms does that to me & i have learned to make way for it rather than ignore its pleadings to be kind to myself.

i was in luck tho, what with mordicai recommending me "Tender Morsels". it took me awhile to finish it, but i was able to turn its last page as of friday evening. snookms had just got home from work & i was buzzing through, hoping for its perfection of storytelling to veer me where i wished so badly for the mc to go. everything about that book was perfect, but the ending broke my heart kind of. i was still especially pleased with it, & very grateful for mordicai's recommendation.

it was funny too, because i had been talking about reading the book off & on on twitter, & then margo lanagan, (the very author herself!) retweeted my tweets about the book so i totally fangirled out about that. i really enjoyed the way in which this story was told. so much emotion was invested in each character, each perspective. things that are typically so terribly difficult to convey & discuss when it comes to the affairs of the heart were so beautifully translated in the storytelling & it gave my heart a new found appreciation for the art of writing. it really made my heart happy!

it seems like time goes by so quickly & little things that i always want to talk about on here slip away into the Nothing.

snookms DID find 4 baby rabbits at work & the kids & i visited him for lunch to bring them home & see what could be done about stabilizing their situation until we can get some sort of wildlife experts to advise us otherwise. they are as tiny as mice, these little cuties. they still have the white stripes on the tops of each their heads, & according to the information we gathered on the internets this is an indication that they are not ready to be on their own yet. so while snookms & the 2 boys ventured out to his brother's & mom's on the northside, shespawn & i set out to gather the neccessary ingredients to make the proper baby rabbit formula. it calls for sweet condensed milk, heavy cream, light karo syrup, & 1 egg yolk. TALK ABOUT A SWEET OVERDOSE MAN! but when shespawn administered it, they tore it up. i really hope the little cutie pies make it & that the wildlife experts can point us in the right direction. i read that most wild rabbits don't live past six months! BIGTIMEFROWNYFACE

my sleeping schedule is starting to get on the night owl prowl; i'll sleep until 12 in the afternoon or so, & then won't be going to bed until 2:00 a.m. at the latest. it doesn't bother me too much, really. sometimes i miss the day seeming to last longer, but i enjoy staying up & watching a good sunrise without a struggle, too. it'll get back to its regularly scheduled programming soon enough.

school will be starting in about a month for me, and 3 weeks for the kids, so it won't be much longer! yet another frownyface. i look forward to school starting for us but GODDAMN do i miss my babies. & then the whole idea of snookms even existing basically becomes a ghost too, once school starts. we'll trek through this tho, its all for a greater good.

i've been having lots of late night fun with my new tumblr layout these days, as i was able to find a code that honours size maximization of backround photos, as well as permalink images. i change it quite often because there are s'very many pretty pictures out there that make a great tumblr layout. plus i've been getting all crazy with the cursor art, so that doesn't help one bit either. it takes so little to please me, y'know?

other than that i can't think of much else to report. of course i had a fuckton of mouthwords to shout out when i first initiated this particular blog post, but now? I HAVE NOTHING


mordicai said...

Yeah, it occurred to me that it was riiiiiight up your alley.

... said...

I want to re-read your review, now that I've read it :)