Monday, June 20, 2011

playing dress up

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a rundown of snookms stats:

the other night i had a really good but also creepy dream about snookms. i was in a polyamorous relationship with a past version of him & then also his present version, both existing simultaniously. the past version of snookms was just like he was 15 years ago. he had a ponytail, was super pale, super skinny & super horny. also very emotional & needy compared to the snookms of today? & then the present version of him was exactly how he is now; preoccupied. just always fucking preoccupied! it was funny in the dream how "present Snookms" treated my relationship with "past Snookms". he was just treating him as if he were a nuisance, an annoyance, almost like an extra kid he didn't want around but tolerated. & "past Snookms" was all like, "what's his problem?". & i'd alleviate his anxiety by making out with him. "present Snookms" was sort of grossed out by it but had more "important things" to worry about, like paying hospital bills i guess? the dream was nice because i got to see young snookms again & get my mack on but it also felt terrible too. i just hate being annoying to snookms, even tho i know it happens all the time in real life.

oh well. he totally annoys me sometimes too.


☠ KATHULHU ☠ said...

I want to make you that skirt. But with barbies that have dark hair.

... said...

i would love that skirt will all my heart!