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my plan for the rest of the evening is to write the six page essay for my sociology class that is due mondayyyyyy. i wait until the the last minute to write these things on purpose, i just don't quite know what that purpose yet is. maybe just the drive & fever that writing these things evoke within me? i just know i get this weird feel, like i'm on fire with an internal drive to smite everything around me with my mouth words. once i get started i really love the feeling, but before then, it just kind of gets on my nerves & stresses me out to think about it. most of the time it pays off & serves me well, so i guess i won't cry about it.

i was able to get a response from an atrium member regarding my other paper, & the board gave me some really valuable input & want me to revise & re-submit with their suggestions considered. they said that the paper was of great interest to them, & has a good chance of being accepted. they also want to know whether i should initially pitch the proposal to the soc, psych, or communication department, which i am still in debate over. my heart says psychology, but my grey matter is saying communication. i dunno man. i just wanna be the next carl jung, okay????????

speaking of, i watched 'a dangerous method' a few weeks back & it was one of the better movies i've seen in awhile. i was in love with keira knightley's performance. i found so much of myself in what she was projecting. it was so beautiful & liberating to connect myself in that way to her character. michael fassbender & viggo mortensen were great as carl jung & freud. freud was made to look like the "bad guy", which i personally don't know enough to see the situation in that light, even tho i have a tendency to stray from those kinds of perceptions in the first place.

snookms & i have turned over a new leaf in our relationship that has improved our relationship immensely. & i know we have our ups & downs, but i sincerely felt like our relationship couldn't get any better than it already was. i'm so happy that we're best friends. navigating these uncharted territories in life together with this dude is exactly what my little girl heart had in mind when i was dreaming of a life partner that would get my wants & needs the way he does. we'll be married 16 years this coming friday. i'm excited that he's taking the day off. so far we have plans to go to the shooting range, & then see 'cabin in the woods' afterwards. i'm curious as to why everyone is saying it's so great of a movie.

oh yeahhhhh. the internet has been really fucking boring lately. save a few tumblrs & one specific lj, i have more positive associations logging onto my college campus website than i do anywhere else. i've gotten excited about catching up on google reader tho, especially since snookms & i were able to watch 'the legend of korra' episode this afternoon. i'm all about amon & his chi-blocking shit, even tho i am team tenzin all the way. i was like, HOLY EFFBALLS these em-effers are really gonna do this??? & then i also have questions for tenzin cause i know he know SUMTPIN. i just know it. but yeah. tenzin is sexy. it's like, he's this strict, but not unrelenting teacher. he's willing to let the pieces fall where they may, instead of the whole "my way or the highway" kind of jazz. i seriously did this little happy clap & bounced up & down on the couch with a little girl giggle when he acknowledged that he knew about korra going to the games & that she figured out how to "be the leaf" at the end of the second episode. even tho he didn't approve of her doing that stuff at first, he saw that it was good for her to learn in this way so he showed his happiness for her, instead of being a silent & grudging jerkface about it. WORKS FOR ME.

also, he reminds me of snookms. bad & hard.

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