Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

November 5, 2008

12:27 a.m.

(This was originally drafted in paper and purple crayola marker)

Barack Obama just got elected president.

I am STILL in awe of it all.

Very much so.

I have NEVER found myself giving as much of a shit about an election as this one.

Initially, I didn't.

As soon as Hilary had dropped out of the "race", I quickly lost interest. I acknowledged who Obama was, later discovered who McCain was, and dismissed the election with a wave of a hand until "futher notice".

When talk of this "Palin" character entered the "arena", my ears pricked up. (The only reason being, I SHIT you not, that she shared the same name as the son of one of one of my all time favorite characters from the Dragonlance Novels.) When I discovered that this particular character was a a WOMAN, and that she resembled comedian actress Tina Fey with RIDICULOUS similiarity, I was again, becoming somewhat engaged.

By then I had made up my mind that McCain was a pretty much a dipshit and Palin was going to be drug down to dipshit hell right along with him. I had remembered a friend of mine, (whom was/is Anti-Obama) had posted a bulletin on Myspace of a picture of the electorial candidates standing together in a moment of silence, all supposed to be paying homage to the U.S. Flag. Only OBAMA hadn't put his hand over his heart while the others pledged allegiance. The point of the bulletin was to mock Obama's devotion to our country, and I can only remember thinking quietly and humbly to myself, "Now THAT'S standing up for what you believe in." I wasn't "out of the closet" quite yet with how I felt about Obama just then, but THAT right there had me caring more about an election FAR MORE than I had EVER cared about one in my 32 years of living. I even remember sending a reply to the friend that had sent the bulletin, in "jest", inquiring, "Are you SURE you wanna vote this guy for president?"

For as long as I can remember, I've always had this uncanny ability to place myself on the "middle ground" whenever it came to conflicting ideals. Don't know if it's got to do with all the arguments my parent would constantly bring my brothers & I into the middle of, or if it's because I was just used to not voicing my need/wants/opinions, or WHAT....BUT!! I was able to endure weeks of not only SOME of my Anti-Obama pal, but my husband as well, endlessly recruit potential "followers", or at least spout off all the reasons they were Pro-McCain.

*edit* Only Mysty and Snookms were supportive of what I chose, even though they didn't agree with my choice. It's the some of the others that I had a hard time breathing around...*end edit*

This was kind of good for me in a way though, as it gave me perspective on BOTH sides of the table that I would have NEVER otherwise gained had I chose to hop on the "Obama Wagon" from the get-go.

So as excrucuiating as it sometimes was to silenty endure what sometimes sounded to me like sheer ignorance and hatred, I was able to filter through these "follies" and actually hear the "needs" of the "people".

And I think, more than anything, people are just afraid of change.

I never DID vote. Came close to it twice, but decided agaist it for personal reasons.

(I'm ambiguously schizophrenic! NEH!!)

But the more I thought about the reality of it all, the more comfortable I felt with the notion that "God's Will" would be done, no matter WHO became president.

I just kept coming back to the thought that no matter WHAT these guys promised (much like those school presidential elections of far fetched promising) that once one got into office, it was never going to be about fullfiling pipe dreams anyway. It's all going to come down to who's going to be elected as puppet, and who shall then, those puppet masters controlling said puppet, indeed be?

But as I watched tonight, 11:00 p.m. finally struck, and I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of pride for Obama, and also a pang of regret as well, for, days earlier, telling my friend Katie that "to have to choose between McCain and Obama was like trying to decide which smells better, poop or puke? That they BOTH sucked."

And at the time, that's what I truly felt. But now that I've got poop in one hand, and puke in the other, at least I'm realizing that the smell of shit NEVER goes away, no matter HOW MUCH you try to wash it off.

My daughter and 2 sons had a fake eleciton at school today.(yesterday actually, but remeber I originally penned this bitch in purple crayola marker last night.)

Carmen voted McCain.

So did Mike Jr. (the autistic one).

David went against popular demand and chose NOT to vote altogether. (I guess he shared my first impression of both candidates at hand, and all without ANY of my my opinion being voiced out loud).

Snookms and I are VERY proud of each of them and what they chose.

For it wasn't that they decided to please ME, or dad, or what was popular demand, but because it's what THEY believed was right in the moment.


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