Friday, January 2, 2009

The "Robin Hood" of literature....

So I've gotten myself a bright idea, while in the throes of passionate commenting at Joe Barone's blog. I've had a well intended mission planned of purchasing his book A Body In The Record Room, and was letting him know that I was able to get down to the bookstore and place an order, and that it should be ready for me in a week. I had also mentioned that I would run rampant through the store, placing copies of his book on shelves where the "popular" books get all the attention, taking care not to be seen by employees.

And then I thought to myself:

What if I really DID do that?

Is it morally wrong to be the "Robin Hood" of literature to these fellow aspiring writers? In a sense, I'm stealing away attention from other writers, but it's to get others noticed that may have not otherwise received such attentions for whatever bullshit marketable reasoning there is out there.

And then I ask myself, "Would I be mad if I someone put a book over my book at the bookstore?"

The answer honestly? No.

No I wouldn't. I'm just a pushover heathen when it comes to shit like that though, so that's just me.

But think about it:

If you are a famous writer, your shit is going to get found and read, no matter who's fucking book is in the way. Your known, you've been blessed with the chosen of the gods, what the fuck are you going to lose by letting the spotlight shine on someone else for awhile? That's just utterly selfish if you ask me.

So taking from the "rich" to give to the "poor"?? (Not to say, by any means Joe, that I think you are "poor", but I hope you get what I'm saying, and I really don't think you need me to go on a Robin Hood Literature Mission for you at the nearest Barnes & Noble, but I've thought of others who may need it, who aren't getting the attention they deserve.) The mind reels with the possibilities. I've even thought of going as far as leaving a few "self-pubbed" copies of literature in random places "here and there". Like, a coffee table at the local Starbucks, or one "strategically placed" copy at any of the aforementioned bookstores. Little shit like that, you know, to help one another out. I've even toyed with the idea of posting an eyecatching list of URLs of other authors, just to get their name out there (including my own, HEH!!) on bulletin boards all around the "land". They bulletin boards at the library, at Starbucks, grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Marsh, Lucky's, know, places like that. Anywhere with a bulletin board available. I've been keeping my eye out for these kinds of things.

So I guess another question I'm asking is, "Is this just too damn ambitious?" Or "self-ambitious" rather?

And another thing....the memoir into a blog thing? I've done it. (It's the Fartsmeller by Day, Bounty Hunter by Night secondary blog I've got listed on my profile page, but it's locked, for my viewing pleasure only.) It's not fully completed, as far as details go and putting up of pictures. I've had more fun than ever editing it in this way, almost as though I've been "born" to do this all along, but upon further discussion of this "memoir" translation with Mysty over pancakes and sausage at IHOP, she has pretty much spoken aloud what I had been already thinking silently in my own mind, and that is that it's pretty much like commiting "book suicide". As much as it broke my heart to hear the truth of it from someone else other than myself (I can be REALLY good at bullshitting myself when I want to) I have come to the conclusion that I shall wait, and keep my memoir-blog "locked" until "further notice". Whatever notice that is, I've not a clue, but just a nagging, pressing feeling I s'pose, that'll come from the bowels of my being, clearly resounding, "Now Rachel!! Do it NOW!!" So unless that happens, I guess I'll just keep it on lock and continue to edit the hell out of it until I hear from an agent, ready to suck off my prose at any and all expense.

The likeliness that'll happen? Near to none, but I've told my mountains how big my God is, and they seem a bit daunted, so we'll see. (I stole that from a comment "E" was making in regards to someone else on "giving up", which is good schtuffs by the way "E"!!)

I tell you what though, converting my memoir into a blog has been ever so fun, and has motivated me to keep editing it. But I really am glad Mysty shed a light in the dark hole that was my bullshit pit. I'll have her to thank when I hit my first million, aside from the one that shot me out of her vagina, and the other guy involved too, I s'pose.

On the bright side, I have a Chuck Norris '09 calendar to reckon with. So it can't be all that bad.

Chuck Norris Quote of the Day:

"Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch; He decides what time it is."


sex scenes at starbucks said...

I "face out" friends' books all the time. Takes me awhile; I know a lot of writers. I like to think they'll do the same for me someday.

mordicai said...

Facing it out is one thing-- but it isn't the other writers I worry about, it is the poor people who work at that store!

Also-- lets say the store orders 10 copies. You take five of them & scatter them about. If the store sells those five copies still in the right place? They won't reorder any more. Hey, they still have five copies in the store, that is what the computer says. & if I go in to pick up a copy of the book, can't find it in it's spot-- well, that is a lost sale. So scattering the book is really only a strategy I'd employ if I didn't think the book could sell by its own merits.

Realmcovet said...

Well phooey Mordicai! Yer no fun!! :)

Point well taken. Can I still run rampant through the store anyway?