Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Minds of the Manic Depressive Unite!

Deep within the winter's eve, the deadened twilight shines ominously, glows with an impure radiance.

It chillls not my skin inasmuch as my soul within.

That deadened glow is but a mere recollection of all that has been undone in this Age of Mortality.

These fervent attempts made in the name of immorality have truly brought out what it is to be immoral; to know no limits.

Alas, the demise of restraint for the sake of divine morality we no longer know. For we have broken all boundaries. No longer are we confined to the restrictions of mortality.

And for shame, I was beginning to succumb to the likeness of mortals. I developed a secret fondness for the diminuitive creatures that Life has cursed with the Spell of Death.

Mortality, it seems, to go hand in hand with morality.

And with immortality and immorality, the likes.

Strip immortals of their eternity and suddenly the desire for righteousness manifests within. Impart immortality to a mortal and boundaries are crossed, reverence disregarded, values neglected, esteem despised.

Mortality, immortality; it transcends from one extreme to another in a matter of moments.

All values, maladorous or naught,are cast off in an attempt to grasp the novel ideal of the other.

And in this revelry, it molests something within myself. It vexes that of Hope. Hope for humankind, for all kind. It disturbs the momentum of realms far and wide.

What is a promise of immortality, if in turn, it is only going to strip away morality?

And what of demise?

Does one continually need intimidate humanity with the follies of death in order to bring forth conformity? Maintain ethics? Instill morale?

So in all unreality, there is no end in the end.....

And I am....

So very tired.

Tired of these legions of fools, succumbing to the desires of eternity. Yet while "Eternity" thrives in my very hand, It yearns for completion, closure, a finish, if you will....

And in it's entirety, though lavish, though loving, though longing, I too, desire for an objection. To encompass all this vastness, and I have yet to do so.....

None shall know The Hour, nor so I, for if I had knowledge of this it would only bring yet another round in this age of immortality, and I care not to indulge.

So farewell Moon, while your deadly palor vexes me, once again, it is a mere reminder of the end to come.

An end not so terrible, an end where I, Lorde of Life, God of Giving, can have a true place of resting.

Farewell my love, which was once thine Enemy, for Life has given even I, Lorde God, all encompassing, all knowing, all seeing, terrible and beautiful....

A place in this realm of Chaos.

Okay, so, I wrote this many fucking moons ago. I had this vision in muh head, y'know, of this god? This eternal angry god, that was just royally pissed at the universe and the way things had turned out. Somehow, someway, the ascent to Godhood had been discovered, and the ability to ascend to the becoming of a God been granted to the Mortals of this plane of existence. And this "origin" of sorts? Was all cool with it and shit, was totally jazzed for these newfound mortals that had discovered immortality,right? But then came all the drama what with new heights to soar and boundaries to cross, and so this "god o' origin" got all "WTF!!??" on mortals. So I just had the aforementioned flowing all crazy in my head until I finally was able to jot it all down in some dusty forlorn and forsaken fortress of a journal.

I dunno. I guess it's just kinda weird is all. I've never had the opportunity to read Watchmen. I was able to talk my bro into keeping the spawn for the night so Snookms and I could slip off fer a few and go see Watchmen. I was fucking blown away. In hearing the Comedian go on and on about humanity, and then Dr. Manhattan in his will to abandon the realm of was just a complete mindfuck for me. Kinda like someone got inside my head and had conversations with it years ago, and now it's finally taking it out on a date and taking it to bed for a good frolic between the "sheets of mentality"?? I was just mesmerized is all, I guess. Go fucking see it if you haven't already, but don't take the kiddos!

Oh, and real quick! SexScenes@Starbucks, aka Betsy Dornbusch, got one of her stories, titled Kenna's Song , put up in Big Pulp. If you're not into sissy vampires, but glock wielding em-effers that get all feudal on your ass, then go here!! It's a great read!


spyscribbler said...

This is a cool post, Realm! It sort of inspired me to think about this essay I'm writing on the Anita Blake series, I don't know why, LOL.

I wanted to wait to watch Watchmen until it I read it, but it's going to leave the theaters. I'm going to see it this week, for sure!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Wow, thanks for the review. My first, I think...

Realmcovet said...

Aww Spy, thanks so much!! You always inspire me with your writing too. Yes, go see Watchmen. Don't know if you will love it as much as I, but let me know whatcha' think.....

Sex, really? First? You think? I would love to be added somehow to your list of "firsts", whatever "first" that may be. ;D