Friday, June 5, 2009


Bah! Summer is such a busy time! And it is not even technically summer yet...

A nephew called yesterday, late afternoon, asking if all 3 of our spawn could spend the night. Judging by the hooting and hollering and jumping I'd say they were all pretty excited about it? So Snookms and I got em all packed up and shipped out. We managed to have a whole night to OURSELVES.

What did we do all night you ask?

What any spawnless couple would do of courseness.

We sat and watched the newest ep. of Burn Notice (which was pretty engaging) and then watched the new show Royal Pain?/s? Ya know....the do-good doctor one? I really liked it.

Then we had late night interface.

I awoke this afternoon to the discomfort of one of the most WILDEST of dreams, which pissed me off because in wake mode I would've NEV3R been upset about it. And it also pisses me off that I'm having dreams about this certain person. It involved him. Perhaps cause I'm reading a book of his right now and really enjoying it? The dream also involved Let-Dawg. And me. And her wearing my Bloody French Maid outfit. & Me again, getting angry about the pictures that were taken of her in said costume. And then me getting mad @ myself when I awoke for getting jealous? Arrrrrrrgh! *scratches head profusely*

Enough nonsense! Snookms is talking of going to the Air Show this weekend. It's been really cool to see jets flying around in the sky to practice for it. I keep awaiting some Black Jet of Death and Destruction to fly by and obliterate humankind in one fell swoop, but to no avail.

I really want to see The Hangover. I am on this kind of boat that sails in the direction of Zach Galifianakis all Windwaker style and what not. Don't even have to play the Ballad of Gales either!

Oh,& I finally have pictures put up of our fun fun fun camping trip too!

Here Snookms waits patiently while our cabin is being put in order:

Here Janna (my step-mother-in-law?) is pimping some of her hoes back home:

Gorgeous Bleeding Hearts!

Snookms and his old man. I keep telling Janna that they could switch sex partners on us and we wouldn't even know the difference.

Here we have Janna again, getting ready to pimpslap me for being a paparazzi:

The look I have grown much accustomed to from my 9 year old wannabe teen:

Tha Jr. stole muh frakkin Windwaker shirk. I kid you not! No skull necklaces for YOU sir.

I do love the spores. I kept thinking "FINCH!" "FINCH!"

A cool ass cabin!

Me trying to look all clever and Alucard like:

The Fezziwig says, "Peace". And "C-L-O-V-E-R-F-I-E-L-D".

This is the playground that is just a stone's throw away from everything, including the 80's like arcade/storefront, which is that building you see in the backround!

This is what my real smile looks like. Only a small handful have the power to brandish from me.

I was being a dope and taking pictures of the cool ass bathroom @ the arcade/storefront. It was a KrustyKrab Paradise!

Here is the 80's like arcade, complete with wood paneling and Ms. Pacman. Made a late night venture here only to have my ass handed to me on the red banana level. RED BANANA! You're IT bitch!

The honey resin lighting only added to that 80's arcade allure:

And alas, the campfire....

All in all it was a lovely trip. We want to go back when it's hotter than HOT! so we can swim in the lake and snorkel for Jellyfish (yeah, that's whaaat I said! But it's true, they're in the lake!) and beat the Red Banana level on Ms. Pacman. What more could a Smurf smurf for?


mordicai said...


(how I roll)

Realmcovet said...

@mordicai: P'shaw!

kathulhu said...

Ok, I LOVE your alucard pic!!! Hotness! Looks like you guys had a great time! I think the air show is at Mt. Comfort, right? That's (almost) out by us :) You should come out here for dinner after the airshow.

Realmcovet said...

Hey pretty kitty! I was thinking along the same lines y'know. But now plans have changed (Snookms & I ended up with 2 extra spawn tonight) & so I will be here with girly girls all day having girl time while Snookms gets to watch cool shit fly around in the sky @ top speeds. S'kay though. I do want to hang @ yer house again though. Have you told Aaron about how Carmen has the hots for him? Fucking inSATIABLE!

Jess said...

Alucard photo is HAWT. You're one sexy mamma. Fezzi looks just like Snookums, and the others are definitely yours, m'dear. :)

Beat the red banana, woman! Yes!

Realmcovet said...

Jess! Ah, there you are! How I've missed you! Congrats on your accomplishments, btw....

And yes, everyone says that about ol' Fezziwig!

And YOU are the hot one. I have a hard enough time not stalking your generous amount of photographs on Facebook. You are a DOLL.

Travis Erwin said...

About the only thing I miss from the 80s are the arcades.

Realmcovet said...

I figured as much Travis!

I splice us "80's" dwellers into 2 such groups:

Ones such as yourself, that saw the 80's for what they truly were and pray in their heart of hearts that it will never grace us with it's presence again,....

and then of course

the "us" group, which consists of a bunch of jaded 'youngins' that couldn't see far enough through the neon lights and bad hair fads for what it was worth. We get caught up in our nostalgia and forget most of us were so broke we couldn't even pay attention!