Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ammonites for K!

Kind & awesome pal Karina (a fellow FoAN, 'Friend of Ask Nicola') has notified me that she received the necklaces I made for her and her sweetie. So I thought I'd be a show off and well, y'know, show them off. :)

The idea of 'Soestre' in Nicola's book 'Ammonite' is such a beautiful thing!

Made them out of cheap Crayola no-bake clay and used some rip off looking hemp for the chains. Wish I knew how to braid more elaborate stuff.

Making them was such a pleasure, getting the feel of what an Ammonite may or may not actually feel like, getting to know the possible 'mechanics' of it and what not. It made me want to read Ammonite again. I just wish I had letter stamps, cause the word 'Soestre' didn't come out as lovely as I wished it would have. Oh well, I can always chock it up to experience I s'pose. :)


kathulhu said...

Those are pretty damn cool!

Realmcovet said...

Thanks KattyKat. I'm glad you like em.