Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congratulations! You have destroyed the vile Red Falcon. Take this shitty ending as reward for your 15 minute trouble.

Ohhhhh! I feel terrible! & I am not even sick!

I made the mistake of going back to sleep after I dropped Tha Jr. off at school & I am paying for it BIG TIME.

I guess I just have to face the fact that I am a night owl & work around that predisposition. Snookms & I both...

We've been staying up way past our bedtime for the past week or so; resulting in little cat naps here & there as the day wanes into our beautiful night. After we get the kiddoes all tuckered away we team up on Contra (killing about 15 minutes), make popcorn, watch old movies (Johnny Got His Gun was on AMC the other night!) & eventually meld into our own devices... It's fun while it lasts but when it's time to get back on the bandwagon? Oh boy HOWDY does it SUCK.

So I was ridiculously excited to be sitting with Snookms to watch 'Johnny Got His Gun'. It's always been on some secret 'Things I Wanna Do Before I Die' list or another. So there's one to scratch off! I loved the movie, don't get me wrong, but the whole time I am thinking, "Man, they need to do a modernization of this, that would be so awesome!" & then I realize that maybe they already have? I just know that I always say that & that I always wind up hating on the shit, so I always wind up asking myself, "Why?"

I have two of my spawn home with me currently. Tryna look at the bright side of things & see it as, "At least it's not on Christmas and or Christmas Break!" but I was not having it after She-Spawn was hacking her guts out this morn'. Sick is sick for anybody & I fucking hate it.

Currently on ch. 18 of Lucifer's Scar in the way of 'editing' process. & when I say edit I throw the term around quite loosely; more than anything I am just making sure there are no terribly embarrassing mistakes. The rest of it I am just dissassociating myself from, but still though, by the end of the day I am happy with it thus far.

Kind've sweating Christmas this year in the way of shopping for everyone. Things did not turn out as financially prosperous as I'd hoped they would, but still, each year gets subsequentially better than the next, so I am not going to bitch. 3 Christmas's ago my brothers were in the hospital for a car accident, 1 of my brothers we could not even SEE while he was getting pins & surgeries & such because he was in hospital prison/jail, & then there are other Christmases(?) I don't even want to care or think about anymore.

I thought my brother Eric was going to have to end up in the hospital over Christmas again this year too but somehow it didn't happen that way. He had an accident at work with the table saw & cut through 2 of his knuckles. He almost had to lose his index finger because the saw blade consumed so much of his knuckle bone, tendon & muscle, but the surgeon was able to come through & work his fleshy might & magic. He wound up getting 2 pins in each of the fingers that were hacked through & yesterday he had yet another surgery to have the pins removed to install ones that did not protrude from his flesh. So now the adamantium claws are all safe & tucked underneath, no?

When I first got to see him out of surgery his whole right side was slouched; they put a block in his arm! He was completely numb from the neck & down to his waist. (On his right side.) It almost reminded me of a stroke victim. But again, he's been a real fucking champ through it all, he always has when it comes to his vocation in life man. The kiddo just about broke his back when he was in 2nd grade, was told he would probably never walk again, then when he punctured his lung in that Christmas car accident they said he would never be the same. & now this? The dude is a fucking cyborg I'm telling you! I just KNOW it. I think I shall start calling him BISHOP. Not even playing around here!

Let's see... Other stuff.

Oh! 'Brothers' was a good flick. Very emotional. Spiderman made me cry. So did Donnie Darko. Not so much Padme as much as her oldest daughter, but yeah, it was a real tear fest for me. So many issues that were too close to home. But it was a good thing I s'pose? I'd definately recommend it.

I have pretty much put Castle Age & Vamp Wars on the backburner. I mean, WAY the fuck back there, where the rice & the gravy & the Stouffer's Stuffing mix get dried, hardened & forgot all the fuck about? Seriously. Mostly Vamp Wars is pissing me off because there are too many items you need to request from your clan in order to move ahead. I'm okay with that the first few times, but after awhile I just am not digging sounding like a needy vamp bitch? & also, they have this new 'portal' they've opened up where you can saunter around New York (yeah right!) but you need Blood o' the Elders to do the missions there & they make you jump through hoops just to get the shit. Sorry. I'm not that goddamned desperate for my vamp fix that I have to get on my knees & put in elbow grease for the shit. I'll just go back to watching True Blood if it gets that bad. That is about the only Vamp related thing on this earth (aside from Castlevania SOTN) that doesn't dissapoint me or piss me off.

Don't even get me STARTED on Vampire dissapointments!

But yes. It was good while it lasted. I had me my fun & that is all that matters in the end of things. I'll still dabble, but it just won't be the same.

Castle Age is a whole 'nother boring story. I still enjoy what it has to offer I guess, but I just know that I am not down for spamming everyone's Facebook page with Monster Requests. Screw that!

Oh well. Christmas is a' comin & there will be many new games to play what with the spawn's gift requests getting filled by grandparents & whatnot.

Also, I'm pretty fucking sure Snookms bought me a trench knife for Christmas. They had this purdy sleek black baby @ the flea market when we went there over the weekend to look for swords for Jr. & it was decently priced. He thought I wasn't caring or paying attention, but that is my FRONT. So we shall see?

We are talking about seeing Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day, I dunno how it'll pan out though. But it sounds like a smart plan to me? I told Snookms not to worry about me for Christmas & that maybe we could just go see that as a family for my present, but I'm not gonna be a crybaby about things if it doesn't happen.

But FUCK! Did you see Robert Downey Jr.'s abs??? Typically I am not a sucker for the abs, but sheeeeeeeeeezus fucking CHRIST! It totally worked for ol' Julian! Ripped like a SONOFABITCH.


Other stuff I have put on the backburner....

  • Teenage Wasteland
  • Dying my hair purple
  • Laundry
  • Reading a lot of stuff in lieu of 'Watchtower Gothic' & 'Poison Elves'
  • Dusting
  • A whole general slew of things that require my focused attention & effort when it comes to keeping the house in order
  • Self induced orgasms
  • Eating out every other fucking night
  • Writing a review that will spew forth how fond I am of Adam Lowe's Troglodyte Rose

Hopefully soon SOME of these things will come back to the front & center, but what with the cold, the Holidays, the spawn being continuously sick, & my brother having a bionicle hand, I've got to reallocate my stats!

Speaking of which! Katie & I must be on the same dreaming wavelength because I too have been dreaming Snookms & I are back to back in full on RPG action. It was intense, but uh...COOL?

If only dreams came true. Snookms wouldn't be caught dead in chain mail.


Jess said...

There's some amazing photo on awkwardfamilyphotos.com of this baby in chainmail. I know, you've got the credit cards maxed out and you've already ordered them for the spawnlings. They'll have amazing college essays now, don't you fear!

kathulhu said...

I feel the same way about Castle Age/Vamp Wars. I'm getting pretty bored with all of my standard FB games. But my mom is getting us Lego Rock Band & I asked Santa for Dragon Age for the XBOX...!

Being sick sucks moldy balls. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks now and it's getting worse instead of better. I don't mind so much but I really, really hate coughing. And not sleeping because I'm coughing. I'm taking at least 2 hot showers a day because the steamy air helps to clear my lungs. I even got my back scrubbed & hot shower sex tonight!

I'm trying to read that Gene Wolfe book before I have to give it back to the library. It's actually a 30 day loan because they had to steal it from another library. I'm going to need every single day to get through it. It's good though. different.

I'm glad your brothers are ok. I miss mine.

Not having enough money to buy everything you want for your loved ones sucks. The boys didn't get a lot this year but I think I put extra thought into what I was getting them because I wanted to make sure it was something they would really play with.

Damn. I just blogged in your comment sextion. 'scuse me.

I'm going to sleep now.

Realmcovet said...

Jess, we have discussed this! Breast = NOT BLASPHEME!

Katie: You know I love it when you blahg in muh comments sextion.

1. I'm glad your getting Lego Rock Band. I know you (oops I mean 'the boys) really wanted it bad.

2.Sick fucking SUCKS. The kids are still miserable. & what is up with your cough? You get this same cough every year I notice. You may want to look into an allergy specialist & see if that isn't what ails you...

3. Give ol' Severian a fightin chance! You'll see!!! How far've you gotten???

4. I hear you on that one brotha.

kathulhu said...

I'm about 370 pgs into the book. It's getting better as I go. I think it's all the unfamiliar words that he uses that kind of throws me off. I keep meaning to google them but there are so damn many!!!

Realmcovet said...

Dammit you are FAST! Freaking wizard reader n shit!

kathulhu said...

It's cause I take the book into the bathroom with me. The boys think I poop a lot but it's really the only time I can read undisturbed for a good 20 minutes.

Jess said...

Well, DUH DUH DUH DUH you can read it. In fact, I need advice. I have about an assorted twelve pages of drek that a good friend of mine has been reading and begging for more of. Le sigh.

I want to come to your home and take care of you and possible feed you a funnel of chicken soup, y'hyar?

How's your mail? How's your spawn?

Living arrangements are stressful. My best friend who is also a whore, Laura, is being inconvenient, but I will be cheerful because I am in a bind and not the good kind and I am still trying to figure it aaaaaaaall out.

Also, you have an admirer and her name is my cousin Marie and she told me she thinks you are the bee's knees. Just kidding, she'd never say anything that lame. She told me she knew she liked you when she read your comment after the Dan fiasco and she knew you were totally watching my back and being an awesome ninja. And I was like, "Duh." She also reads my blahg.


So glad you love the hair! We can be awesome together.

I have an awesome new animation for us to quooooote! Teen Girl Squad. Erik showed it to me. :D And I'm learning Spanish! Wanna hear some of my recordings?

Realmcovet said...

Yes I want to read your 'drek', which I'm quite sure will blow me the fuck away, yes I want to hear your stuff, yes whore-like roomates can be an epic pain in the ass, I had 3 of them growing up & they were called Brothers. :P

Alsooooo, I think that's fucking awesome that someone related to you thinks I might be the bee's knees?

& do come funnel soups to me & live in my humble abode. You will be so fucking bored you will punch babies just for fun.