Thursday, December 17, 2009

The lack of a root beer jellybean can still manage to = FUCKING SUCCESS

I am SICK. The spawn are SICK. There are many traumatic elements at play in the hands of the almighty currently. But I'm still here, alive, kickin & a' breathin', SO FUCK IT I SAY.

This week has been a whirlwind of ridiculous bullshit. Today has been the icing on the feces cake.

  • Took the kids to urgent care today; they have strep throat.

  • Dropped off prescription request for the antibiotics the doctor prescribed.

  • Took spawn home.

  • Went back out to pick up prescription meds, realized my throat is really fucking sore all o' a sudden.

  • "Perhaps just sympathy pains?", I muse to muh' self....

  • I trudge on.

  • Stop @ the Warlock's Wife's pad to borrow a 20.

  • Go to bank to deposit it so Snookms has enough gas in his truck to make it home from work.

  • Make it home just in time to chat w/ Let Dawg & tell her thanks again for all the Christmas Goodies before I have to head back out to pick up the Jr. from school.

  • Drive once again!

  • Come home.

  • Feel faint. Sore throat.

  • Take nap.

  • Snookms awakens me.

  • I feel like SHIT.

  • My throat hurts when I BREATHE.

  • Snookms has to leave to go see his grandpa at the hospital.

  • I am here at home now, watching Riley secretly make out with some cute emo boy on Degrassi, wondering what the fuck just hit me.

  • *scratches noggin*

So that is that. I'm kind've feverishly delirious right now, wanting to babble about a lot of things that don't make much sense. So bare with me.

Oh snap! Riley just head butted Savv for making a snide gay remark! #degrassihashtag!

Let's see... so um, the spawn (well, 2 of em, anyway) are on antibiotics & I'm thinkin I need to get my ass to the Minute Clinic & see if I can't get in on some of that spore action too.

There is some other pretty bad shit going on right now too, but due to the honoring of privacy I want to hold in regard to the situation, I shall remain silent until further notice.

Tomorrow/tomarrow I'm s'posed to meet up with my kiddoes' school psychologist, the speech therapist & also the school's occupational therapist @ Panera for lunch. They want to take me out to celebrate muh book! I think I might still brave the waters if I'm not feeling too terribly ill. Already I had to cancel once & felt pretty awful about it.

Got to hang with my 'baby' brother yesterday for a few. He's all enrolled in college & shit now, I am envious but I shall join him soon! Seriously considering going for some sort of counseling/mental health courses. I've always wanted to blow shit up with my mind?

After I took him back to his current place of abode I drove home feeling a sweet serenity fall upon me that I hadn't felt since I started taking herbal supplements. It was quite nice & I cried in the moment cause it was like having an old friend back in my life that I hadn't seen in far too long.

Came home to find a package from Leticia. I texted her & said she was a madwoman! What was she thinking! & THANK YOU also & of course. She said to open it now instead of waiting til Christmas so I hopped in the shower right quick & bailed the fuck out. Open the lovely Christmas packaging to find "A Boy & His Blob" for Wii, "Heavenly Guardians" for PS2, Harajuku Lovers G, & many burned copies of various cds!!! "Akon" for my baby bro," Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix "(for moi!), "Kings of Leon" (for me too!) & a Leticia medley special (for all of us fool folk!) I could not believe it!

Snookms was like, "Hey! I was gonna get you "A Boy & His Blob!" for Christmas!" Too late! He even teased & said he should've snagged the game before I got home from taking my bro back to his work release facility & wrapped it up as his own. I thought it was pretty giggle inducing?

But yes! The trouble on Blobolonia... The spawn & I have been taking turns playing off & on ever since last night, & I tell you, it is pure beauty & whim. Everything I had hoped & imagined for it to be. & also?


He's like, fucking Ripley & shit, only in a BLOB SUIT!!!! It is so going to be worth treating the blob like it's my bitch. "Get away from her, YOU BLooooooooooooooooB!"

Other cool & fun junk...

Currently sending chapters out of Lucifer's Scar to Mysty, Leticia, my brother whose pseudonym is Malakai, & Katie. I'm kinda cringing in my husky sized panties here, wondering how lousy they might think it is.

Also, this is my new twitter backround:

It makes me feel all bouncy & polite!

I've been tryna read up on the plethora of 'Poison Elves' Mysty's Werewolf slung me & am really digging it hardcore. I only initially started out with a Poison Elves 'companion'. I mean, wut kind of shit is THAT, right? So yeah, he quickly schooled me on what to start with, dude has an immense collection of what was once deemed "I LUSIPHUR". They don't call muh redhead awesome for nothin!

Also one other last thing! I have to say, whether he chose this as his vocation or naught, fucking Mordicai is a wizard when it comes to writing.

There! I said it!

But yeah, I'm reading his newest NaNo publication in between 'Poison Elves' breaks, & man! There's just this world inside his head that I totally get, but would never be able to put into words anyone but him could describe. I'm not like, crushing on the feller or anything, but seriously. He's pretty bad ass with his prose if you ask me. He's up there with Gaiman & Gene Wolfe in my little ol' book!


Jess said...


Every time I have hot sex, I'm going to think about that and never orgasm again.


I'm going to call you and probe your mind and make you feel better because I need to give you stellar advice because you simply cannot carry so many peoples' problems. :)

kathulhu said...

I just got your email so I haven't started reading yet! I can't wait!

I'm sorry that you've caught the zombie virus, too. :(

Eric has been reading Poison Elves since high school.

I wanted to name the cat "Lucy Fur" but Aaron didn't think it was very funny.

I know I have more to say but my brain is mushy right now.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Feel better soon! Maybe all will be healthy for Christmas. :)