Thursday, January 7, 2010


Boo on Lulu!

I am having one HELLUVA time uploading Lucifer's Scar onto Lulu. First off, it DID initially allow me to upload it as a PDF file, considering the funky fontz I'm tryna use, okay? Well, I decided to take it down right quick so I could incorporate some images my spawn created (courtesy of Paint, woohoo!) & then uploaded it right, fine ... right? Well, then I had to add a couple more images & now Lulu is giving me some shit about the 'Times' font not being embedded as a font. I'm like, "Wut? I'm not even USING a Times font fuckers!"

So that's what's been driving me bonkers this afternoon. This kind of shit is making me want to smash stuff.

Oh yeah. Christmas. I haven't talked about Christmas, because it was a nightmare before Christmas.

I'm sure everyone knows all about our plague sufferings what with my insolent whining via Facebook updates.

Snookms Grandpa passed away a week before Christmas too.

Christmas itself was not so bad, at least no one was sick, so we were all pretty jazzed about that.

& I got a trench knife & some Victoria's Secret fragrances that I really adore. Got to see Sherlock Holmes. Lazed around for the remaining week of winter break. That was fun.

First 2 days back I played bloody maid & helped my sister in law with her cleaning biz, dusting thousand dollar knick knacks for rich people. It was actually kind of fun?

I'm hoping she can use me on a regular basis, I could use the extra cash.

Composing an interview for Betsy (aka SexScenes) (aka Ainsley) in regard to her latest release Quencher. I was hella stressing it at first cause I didn't want to be sounding like a newbie ass/fail, but she seemed pleased well enough with what I came up with. Should be in Electric Spec sometime in February? I'll keep you all updated.

So yeah. Mostly I want to bitch about Lulu & how much I am pissing myself off with my lack of knowledge. Hopefully I'll figure it out. I'm frightened of the notion that I'll have to delete the images my spawn worked so heartily on.

Fezziwig made me the most ADORABLE cup of filth & blasphemies for the "Whore of Babylon" chapter header.

& also an equally endearing papal tiara (Triregnum!) for the "To Mega Therion" chapter.

& the she-spawn composed a Beelzebub fly I want to squee all over. It's not fair I tell you, not fucking fair.

Other stuff I am currently contemplating is personal info Mysty relayed to me about somebody I THOUGHT liked me but now I am of course questioning the hell out of their motives for even being my friend. I hate trying not to care about that stuff?

I missed a lot of potential fun dates over winter break too, one with Mysty, another with Kat. & I'm way the fuck behind on learning all about Severian. I'm going to get a big fat F in my new book club already! At least I have a cool name for the Spear of Destiny in Lucifer's Scar courtesy of the Shadow & Claw series.


Brandi said...

Anyone who doesn't love you doesn't deserve you. They can all masturbate with rusty scissors for all I care.

kathulhu said...

Don't pet the sweaty stuff or however the how you are supposed to say that. I haven't had a chance to read lucifer's scar because it uploaded to my laptop email but not my desktop email & Aaron has had the lap top these few weeks. If you're uploading it to Lulu though, I'll wait and order me a copy :)

I'm sorry to hear about Snookum's papaw :(

I had to take my copy of the Gene Wolfe back to the library and I was halfway through the 3rd book. I'm taking a break and reading Stephen Colbert right at the moment but I'm looking for a cheap copy to order so I can finish the book. I think Mordicai is baffled by the fact that someone DOESN'T like the book. :)

I need to go make some hot chocolate for my babies. We just spent the past hour frolicking in the snow and they are frozen!

Natasha Fondren said...

Oh! That sounds frustrating. I hate that kind of stuff going wrong.

Christmas day sounds nice!

There's something fun about cleaning other people's homes that I can never quite recapture for myself. *sigh*

Happy New Year, Rachel!

Realmcovet said...

Brandi, Brandi, Brandi...oh how you make me giggle.

Kat, I will not pet the sweaty stuff, I promise you that. Or any old ballz for that matter. & don't sweat not reading it, you don't have to buy a copy if you don't want, I can just give you one when it's all done, if it EVER GETS done! Also, that may very well be the case for master "M", but he seems like a pretty reasonable fellow, like he can agree to disagree maybe? Either way, what you said kind of made me laugh. I wish the spawn & I could frolic with you all in the snow...

Natasha: You are the embed master, I hear. Perhaps you can relay to me some of your knowledgeable hints in this area? & yeah, I'm glad someone gets the whole cleaning other people's stuff ideal; all their shit is a story within a story. I like to make my own tales up about what it all might mean. :)

& thank you, Happy New Year to you too!!! :)

Jess said...

Little love.



Just know that we're behind you, madly in love with you, and watching in your windows when you sleep, shower, and eat Cocoa Puffs.


Also, word verification. What does "mantize" mean?