Monday, January 11, 2010


Here today, gone tomorrow/tomarrow...

I think finally my regularly schedule programming is back to it's usual self for now? We shall see?

What with the spawn getting sick a week before winter break let out & 3 weeks of irresponsible bliss, things definately required a different style of living.

So glad to be able to resume my daily agenda of morning coffee with Erica & Stephen's rants, amongst other favourite haunts I visit on a regular basis.

So like, I was able to finally upload Lucifer's Scar successfully onto Lulu! & I didn't have to sacrifice any of the adorable images my spawn worked so hard on either. It took many tries & failed attempts & a whole evening of being away from the family to do so, but it is done.

I am now awaiting my own copy to be delivered in the mail so that I can make sure it's up to par with my preference of 'presentable'. I shall let you know how it fairs friends.

I did elect for it to be letterhead size, so it's kinda graphic novel style, but not quite? I wanted to try something different, I just hope it isn't too much of a risk. The preview Lulu provides of the book shows that some of the text is being cut off, but I am hoping that it's just because of Lulu & not my hogwash theory of what 'creative' means. Again, I shall let you all know.

Went sledding for the first time on Saturday evening with Snookms & spawn. It was possibly the best kind of free fun you can get in the winter.

Yes, this was the big fucking hill I slid down on. There was a wee baby that took it upon itself to sled down shortly after I did, resulting in my skidding down halfway with my ass faced to desired place of destiny. I was so afraid I was going to crash into this kiddo & ruin its life! My face was all a flutter with snow dust & my neck became numb for the rest of our stay there, but goddamn, it was worth it.

I was in love with the dark wintry eve that night, it created this atmosphere that one might experience when admiring those small scale towns they have on display @ Menards regarding happy jolly Christmas time.

& then we rushed to Kmart afterwards to score some hot chocolate, marshmallows & whipped cream to top the evening off. Definately an evening that is going to go in the memory book of my heart.

Been playing a lot of Guitar Hero 3 as of late, being that the spawn got it for Christmas. We have it for PS2 already, but the controller is all fuckin whack & the one Fezziwig got me for my berfday causes me to fail; it's meant for Rockband I guess? I just know that I do much better on this here Wii controller that is MEANT for Guitar Hero & not Rock Band. I'm still not back at my 'expert' level of playing, but I'm getting there, rehashing my love for Social Distortion's 'Story of My Life' & 'Paint it Black'. Though I prefer Black Dahlia's version!

Was able to take down all our Christmas exploits last night too. The house looks so empty now? But in a good way, so I won't bitch. Snookms & I were marveling over all the Christmas loot we actually got the kiddoes, most of it being games & dvds...

She-Spawn got Guitar Hero 3 for Wii w/ the controller, Degrassi season 8, Guitar Hero Metallica for PS2, & Spirit Tracks for Nintendo DS.

  • Fezziwig got Lego Rockband for Wii, Call of Duty 3 for Wii, Cars Race o Rama for Wii, some Need for Speed game (I think it's Nitro or Carbon?) for Wii, & the newest Ben10 flick, the one that's an actual motion picture I think? 8 Crazy Nights, Joe Dirt (that David Spade flick where he has a mullet?) I can't keep up these days!

  • Jr. got Bully for Wii, The Grinch (animated), Majoras Mask for N64, the new Thomas the Tank Engine where their mouths actually move when they speak, (the oldskool Thomas is way better IMO) & Mario Kart for Wii.

  • Snookms got the first 2 seasons of Scrubs, the Skillet cd, & Avatar (based off the Nickelodeon cartoon) for PS2

  • & I got Pink Floyd the Wall on cd.

    • So that's what good in the way of electronics anyhow. It made for a damn hefty stack to file in our ever growing shelving unit.

      Snookms, spawn & I are going to attempt to make another sledding trip when he gets home from work & I am finding myself excited over this.

      Watched 'No Country for Old Men' the other night w/ Snookms & I really dug this movie, but I kept dozing off at the end off and on so I need to rewatch it. That bounty hunter though? Fukkin A! Now THAT'S an Astaroth, MY idea of Astaroth. That's who I was tryna picture before I could readily come back with Sam Rockwell as a runner up in Teenage Wasteland. That pneumatic contraption he was using to open doors with & shit? Holy fuck. Badass. & the inflection in his voice when he spoke & such... no doubt about it, he is the heart of Astaroth. Sheeesh.

      I still dig me some Sam Rockwell though.

      There was this very poetic sense about the movie that I totally dug, plus it had this 70's vibe to it that I drool all over when it comes to certain flicks. Few succeed in attaining that sense of retro that I hold in my heart as dear, considering that is what was surrounding me in my infant years. There is this very autistic form of reasoning I hold fast to in that 'era' (if you will) where certain colours represent emotions, hairstyles & fluffy moustaches & such, do you even know what I am saying here? Textures & patterns are very important too, they have to be spot on for me, body language & such. It's ... weird is all. I'm a big whiny face when it comes to the details of certain things I hold so dear. It's for a reason, I can promise you that.

      But yes, Snookms got stood up on a movie date last night, we were supposed to rewatch it but I fell asleep! I was so tired, I couldn't help it. I elected to do the rest of my sleeping in bed, (I was falling asleep on the couch like an old man! Sitting up!) & crawled into my sleeping quarters. The last few minutes of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church thingy was on so I fell asleep watching that.

      We had this strange moment of clarification the other morning, Snookms & I, in the least expected moment too. Right before we were about to have sex. He lay there, just staring at me. I knew he had things to tell me, there are always so many things to say when one suffers with what he suffers with. "But now?" is what I was asking at the time. I was okay with it though. & I could tell he was too. & then we got down to other things & it made for some great music between the sheets. That kind of music where you feel as though all is well, even though it ain't?

      If that ain't love, I dunno what is folks.


      Travis Erwin said...

      Nice to get an update. Erica is getting a lot of blog love today. You linked her, as did I, and Sex Scenes as well.

      kathulhu said...

      I took the boys sledding the other day but we weren't there very long. We walked to the hill from our house, which on a good day is 10 minutes but through the snow, while wearing snow pants & boots...the boys didn't do so well.

      The hill was pretty steep so the had a hard time getting back up & I would fall on my ass everytime I'd try to help them up. There was a group of pre-teen girls there who ended up helping them. It was cute :)

      There was a hill that wasn't as steep but it hadn't been used so the snow was too deep. I sat on one of the sleds & scooched the whole way down the hill, trying to make a decent path for the boys. I ended up with a wet crotch instead and my butt went numb.

      At one point, Xander's boot fell off and his sock was covered in snow. We gave up after about a 1/2 an hour because the boys were already exhausted from the walk there & going up and down the hill plus we had to walk BACK to the house.

      BTW, since I basically wrote a blog in your comments, I'm reposting this as a blog w/pictures. Cause I'm LAZY! :)

      Jess said...

      I am REALLY excited for Lucifer's Scar! Cannot waaaaaaait!