Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun Friday!

Snookms is trying to make gold. & zinc. FROM PENNIES & TOILET BOWL CLEANER. No lie. There is a blow torch on at full force in my kitchen & 2 curly headed nimrods attempting free masonry typed things. Snookms is also wearing a Colts jersey, automatically dubbing him 'hobo'. So there you have it; hobo-alchemy.

Alright. First things first!

"Lucifer's Scar; A Love Story" is here for your reading pleasure. (Mom?)

Only one thing displeases me, & I know of no other way to remedy this issue ... It is really not THAT big of a deal for me, more of an obsessive compulsive typed hang up but the uh... chapters? They don't start on a new page! They'll just start wherever the fuck they feel like starting, so not all of them are starting on new pages like you'd typically see in a book, even though I formatted the document to do so. & I'm thinking maybe I should've used the 'page break' option to avoid that? But yeah, coulda', shoulda', woulda'. Oh well. You live & you learn. Wut can I say?

So yeah. Totally jazzed about that. I got mine in the mail yesterday, after I got home from dusting rich peoples' knick-knacks with Kristi, my sister in law. I think she is pretty much the best human being to have for a sister in law? I've never wanted to punch her & that is always a plus. That is hard to avoid with in laws. Also, Snookms mom falls in this category too. She's a keeper.

Got the most ADORABLE fucking Krampus shirk in the mail courtesy of the illustrious Jess. She knows just what I like:

I've already got quite a few compliments on it. I adore how there's petrified childranz in Krampus' little backpack o' love. Squeeeeeeeeak.

Hmmm. Other stuff...

Stupid stoopid me thought there was a lunch date today with my spawns' school psychologist, we were s'posed to meet @ Panera for lunch celebrate my other book, but I was damn wrong, it's not til next Friday. I felt like a complete ass in her office chopping it up with her & she's all, "So, you think you're gonna be able to make it to lunch with us next week ('us' being the speech therapist & occupational therapist my son used to have when he was at that school) & I'm all like, "Uhm. Huh/WHAT?" So yeah. Total ass. But it wasn't a complete loss. I got to see the school psych's pretty/gorgeous face (she has this sort of illuminating beauty? It makes the halls glow when she walks down them, kinda like that balrog beauty?) & she lent me "Pretending to be Normal" by Liane Holiday Willey, which I've been wanting to read FOREVER & a day now. It's about this lady that has Asperger's & how she didn't find out til she was much older, like maybe 40 older, or something? I dunno. I'm too lazy to do research right now for the sake of sounding un-ass-like. & besides, that usually happens regardless?

So all day long I've had 'Tegan & Sara's' "Hell" stuck in my brain on repeat today. I am in serious lust with that song & it's all Brandi Candi's fault. Mysty keeps giving me shit for it BUT I DUN CARE. I love it. S'kay though. I still love her Christ-Raping-Black-Metal-Lovin TOOSH. We went to see 'Youth in Revolt' last night becuz we both have pedophile like crushes on Michael Cera. At least that's how he makes me feel when I get a boner from him? He totally reminds me of Snookms when I first met him. That whole 'I'm a virgin but I don't give a shit' persona that he put out. & that gentle nature of his, it's very feminine but such a goddamn turn on. Snookms totally has that & can pull it off. Mysty & I had a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry hard time stiffling giggles all throughout the night.

She looked so damn beautiful too. She was 'Professional Mysty' last night. & she has sekritz too that only people in her soopersekritklub can know about, but I know of them. She's awesome like that. She also bought me an adorable "Jack; the Pumpkin King" purse & I used it today. I plastered it with all the Smurfs pins Let-Dawg bought me for Christmas & it looks adorable. I don't give a shit HOW LAME anyone thinks I am!

Snookms, spawn & I had dinner @ Panda Express tonite & something about all that MSG makes me really hyper, & the spawn too 'cause we were having way too much fun at SuperTarget pushing each other around in the carts like we were in real life Mario Kart. We were pretending to be in the MUSHROOM GORGE!

I thought there was a whole lot of other shit to talk about but I guess not. I already promised myself I wasn't going to bitch about Castle Age OR Vamp Wars for at least another two weeks.


mordicai said...

I got a Scar coming my way.

Realmcovet said...

Woot woot! Be sure to let me know how lame you might think it to be.

Jess said...

I must see Youth!

Oh, as for the gold and or it didn't happen! :P

Realmcovet said...

Yes you should see it Jess. & I considered taking pictures but thought against it simply because this has become a way of life for them & pictures will eventually get pretty boring. I'll send you a gold nugget in the mail as proof instead.

kathulhu said...

Why did I not see this blog entry earlier? I dunno. I just ordered my copy of Lucifer's Scar!

Realmcovet said...

Really Katie? Aw cool! Thanks so much. Now I'm all nervous at how lame you might think it is. (or boring. Oh, wait, that's sort of the same thing. U know wut I mean Vern.)