Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vade retro Satanas


Okay so that is my chant for today. I've been creeped out since yesterday doing all that exstensive Anneliese Michel research. & I don't even know WHY I am doing it, except for the simple fact that subject matter of that aptitude intrigues me to no end. I know it'll come in handy one day, I just don't know when.

But yes, this case of Anneliese. It's what the Exorcism of Emily Rose was loosely based off of. & that is not even why I started in on it, I think it started from wanting to show my nephews some oujia board stuff on youtube & the threads slowly lead to stuff about demon possession & then of course dear ol' Anneliese. First I watched some supposed actual recordings of the exorcism but I never like to rely on youtube for truths so I further researched & came across the actual movie they did of the exorcism with english subtitles because it was killing me to know what Anneliese was saying to the priests whilst they performed their exorcisms. I guess there was 6 demons? At one point she claimed to be Judas, then Lucifer, then Hitler, then Nero & some others I can't remember.

The actual footage is real creepy at this point, when Lucifer is speaking. He claims that he did not follow the lord's decrees & wished to reign alone. I so wanted to hear more! When the priests had initially thought they had banished all 6 the demons wound up coming back & claimed that they willed to go but that they were not allowed to do so. A couple days later Anneliese died & that is when the accusations started in regard to Anneliese being neglected & starved & such.

I guess I wanted to form my own opinion based on the information that was presented. I mean, I listened to that audio, & the way everything sounded, geeze it sounded awfully legit. My initial reaction was to be angry at the parents & the priests too, but when I read up on more details & listened to all that audio ... I dunno. Pretty spooky.

There was another part that had me sorta creeped out & that is when the priests had brought 3 separate cups of water into the room where Anneliese stayed, one blessed by Romans, another blessed by something or another, & one that was just plain tap & that is the only one she willed to drink. The priest that was repeating the account of this had also said that Anneliese kicked one of the cups & that the water managed to remain in the cup while it hung suspended in the air for a time. Eeeeeeeeeek!

So that is enough of that.

Our weekend was busy, Friday we did our usual outing & abouting. Saturday was a nice treat, I thought Snookms had to work for a few hours but he called off at the last minute. It was quite scrumptious to wake up next to his gorgeous skin so close to mine own. I love the way his flesh smells in the morning!

After the day got it's start she-spawn met up with my mom & niece & we hung out & had girly time at the dollar store. They had Throwback Pepsi so I was pretty jazzed about that. There was also some Jonas Brothers houseslippers I kept giving my niece some shit about.

My mom, being the sweet & ever loving mom that she is, offered to buy them for my niece & I had to stifle a giggle because you could tell she was tryna be nice but at the same time is like, "Uh fuck no gramawmaw, I'm too old for this shite!" So then I kept telling my niece that I felt compelled to purchase them for her anyhow & threatened to smuggle them in the hood of her jacket. We giggled about that for a time & headed home to find out what Snookms & the remaining company were doing. He decided to take the other 2 boyspawn out to his sister's for a sleepover so then Carmen & I got to hang out some more with my momz & she wound up coming with us to see The Lovely Bones.

It was pretty much what I expected it to be but not what I had hoped. It was, after all PG-13. I have harboured a secret crush for Stanley Tucci so watching this didn't make me hate him. I wanted to see less dead little girls & more uh ... you know. The bathtub scene in the beginning had my heart feelin all confuzzled.

Something here I think is that the unknown scares us. We make our own stories up as we go when we don't know about a thing, & I think it's not any different for the story of pedophiles. It's a pretty taboo subject; nobody wants to 'go there' when it comes to taking the innocence of a young child. But I have my own personal views on that & there is a post I once read from one of Adam Lowe's many blogs that I could really relate to. If I find it, I'll link y'all to it. Some food for thought, at least in my own crazy grey matter? Oh, wait, HERE IT IS!

Since I had a house full of mostly prepubescent penis we elected to go to Walmart late night Sunday & one of the nephews had leftover money to spend from his birthday so he bought a bunch of airsoft gear, then we went to White Castle & I ordered a case of cheeseburgers. I had never been blessed with such an ample opportune to do so, it was rather liberating to carry a case o' $23.00 meat around in a cardboard suitcase.

So we get home & Snookms' Avatar lovin pal is there & winds up taking Snookms & she-spawn to go see it with him whilst the rest of the testiculars stayed with me. They had never seen Paranormal Activity so we turned out all the lights, grabbed our miniature cheeseburgers & had us a night. It was hella funny to see preteens get that afraid. Cute, fun, & downright hilarious. They kept going on about Katie's hot rack & how they wished for it to be possessed. I say go for it?

I have a really funny picture of them all on the couch snuggled together but my phone is refusing to behave itself otherwise I'd share. Perhaps when the bill gets paid appropriately?

Monday was MLK day, so we had it off to do whatever we liked, even though I didn't. It was spent cleaning up & taking the kiddoes back to their mother hen.

Oh! We also tried out Mike's sister's new church that she kept telling us all about on Sunday & it wasn't bad at all. It's in what used to be an old Marsh grocery store building, right next to the McDonald's Snookms & I used to work at, so that was pretty cool. It was one o' them fancy grocery stores too, had pianos & chandeliers for lighting fixtures. Interesting to see it in this light? The atmosphere of the church was very Joel Osteen like in the sense that they didn't preach down or at you. It was like a self help kind of atmosphere, & there was nobody there that gave us condescending glares just cause I wear chains that hang past my knees or whatever. So we shall see what comes of it.

See my thing with beliefs here is that, well. Geeze. I don't even know. I mean, I believe in the same Jesus that I guess most Christians are raised to believe in, but at the same time, I don't go for a lot of the other stuff that goes behind it. Not that I hate anyone that does go for it, it's just not what floats my boat. & the difficult dynamic about Christianity is that most everyone in that boat will shake their dissaproving finger at you for doing what floats your own boat.

This is where Snookms & I collide most. I mean, you guys should have seen his face when he first laid eyes on the actual real live copy of Lucifer's Scar! I thought my heart was going to tear in two! He has a very conventional & standard set of beliefs for his own self, which I do my best to give him room to have. But sometimes he is just completely assaulted by my love for what he deems 'blasphemous'. & I can understand it if I put myself in his shoes, but sometimes I think he has a very difficult time putting himself in mine.

It can get disheartening at times, but it always comes down to love for him & I. We love each other & are willing to put our differences aside because we feel that way about one another. It's not easy at all for me to agree to disagree with him, but we do it because we can. I can't always say the same for others. A lot of people don't get Snookms & I, & I think it even creeps a lot of people out. But I'm not here to be un-creepy?

Well, she-spawn has fallen asleep watching 10 Things I Hate About You, & I have a Shadow & Claw series plus word bank that I need to catch up on, so I will quit the babbling.

& remember the chant babies!


sex scenes at starbucks said...

dude, that is some fucked up. That freaks me out! It's day time and I'm alone, have my prayer beads on, and it still freaks me.

Realmcovet said...

Hahahaha. That's so funny Sex. I'm like, immune to the fear today. (At least that's what I've been brainwashing myself into believing so I can handle being home alone all day.)

Jess said...

Read Roger Ebert's review of The Lovely Bones. It made me laugh my ass off so hard.

""The Lovely Bones" is a deplorable film with this message: If you're a 14-year-old girl who has been brutally raped and murdered by a serial killer, you have a lot to look forward to."

Realmcovet said...

Bwahahahahaha. That's funny Jess. Don't think that thought didn't cross my mind once or twice.

kathulhu said...

I started to comment about Adam Lowe's blog post but decided to make it a blog. Go read it!