Monday, June 21, 2010


It's been awhile! I keep wanting to update here, especially with the new layout & such but I just haven't been able to bring myself to it. WHAT IS THAT!? I hate it!

I'd love to come here & update every day or every other day like I used to way back in the day, but it's just so different now since I started working outside of the home. Christ! I don't even know WHAT I do anymore. My new mission in life is to locate a flawless toilet? Fuck that noise.

Life has been mostly about sneaking a laugh with Snookms, or taking David to cello practice or having meaningful video game conversations with shespawn & Jr. In between I sleep & scrub rich people's posessions to a glimmering shine, or at least help my sister in law make it so. I cook stuff more now since we magically have less income these days, been on a filipino cuisine kick as of late. Lumpia, pansit, sinagan (sp?)...

I threw a huge temper tantrum (meaning I cussed in front of my kids) because the lumpia wrappers I bought sucked miserably. They were falling apart even as shespawn & I peeled them apart from one another. & then when we wrapped the ingredients with them they tore even moreso. It was frustrating as hell because you just spend so much time prepping ingredients & not to mention the cost of all that stuff. Going out at the last minute to buy lumpia wrappers is so not an option in Indiana. But whatever. We got it done, improvised what we could, they came out fine. I felt bad for throwing a hissy fit at first though.

As for David's cello practice, it's been going pretty okay. I say okay because he hasn't been practicing afterwards for 20 minutes a day like he's supposed to. He catches on really fast & gets bored easily when he's waiting for the others to latch on to what's being taught, so then he goofs off until it's showtime. I have had to rearrange my work schedule in order to take him everyday, he goes Monday - Thursday for an hour each day & it falls right in the middle of my usual working agenda. But it's been nice to sit & enjoy hearing him & the other kids in his class play. There is a surprising medley of emo-looking kiddoes in his group & they all play pretty great. The 2 teachers are a lot of fun to watch too, they aren't all like, uptight? I guess I would say? Like how you might imagine a cello teacher to be? They really remind me of comic book characters or something. One is a blonde & she's pretty cute. She makes me think of Violet from The Incredibles for some reason. I guess the way she talks & her sense of humour. She has this funny 'thing of the day' that she has the kids do before they all are dismissed & one day it was 'bumping fists', another day it was '3 snaps & a Z formation' & then today she had them do some really funny disco moves. The other teacher will blast Apocalyptica after the lesson's over in order to encourage & motivate the students. I think my favourite cover they do is 'Fade to Black'. I started getting all teary eyed & was thankful I had my sunglasses to hide underneath. That is the first song I remember Snookms playing & he did it so breathtakingly well considering he was only 17 @ the time. Most folks I knew then only had the rhythm part of the song down & when I heard him take it even further by playing the lead as well, well my jaw just dropped in adoration. Him having a ponytail with hair longer than mine didn't help much neither.

Learned how to change the radiator in our car somewhere in between all that time too. Our car kept overheating, mostly making that nasty scorching metal stench, so Snookms looked under the hood but couldn't see anything. We heard sizzling everytime we parked though & there was some steam coming out from the hood. When our intarwebz got shut off it made us do stuff that was more important than watching NCIS & logging onto Tumblr, so we figured we'd better take care of the radiator. It really wasn't as difficult as I initially imagined it to be, but @ the same time, there were a lot of hoses & bolts that we hadn't foresaw when we finally dug our claws deep enough into it. The first bolt I tried removing fucking busted! I felt foolish, but it wasn't enough to scare me off. Helping Snookms with this stuff always reminds me of how much I wanted to be an auto mechanic in high school. Sometimes I get a fever! & the only cure for it is, MORE MONKEY GREASE. But seriously though! I took an aptitude test when I was a senior & it had me most compatible with attaining an airframe & powerplant license. I about jumped for joy because that's what my dad did his whole life. Working on airplanes, that is. I suck for not pursuing that. Long story; some other day.

I wanna say that I've watched some movies, but I don't think I have. Oh wait! Toy Story 3! & the new Karate Kid! I almost forgot all about those. I think there was another movie in there somewhere but I can't even remember. Maybe it was Robin Hood? If that's the case I already talked about that. But Toy Story 3 was pretty cute. It made me cry, but not like part 2 did. I think part 2 will always be my favourite. But 3 had it's moments. Lotso Huggin Bear started to remind me of my Footprint bear I snuggled with for years, even well into my adult life. But then when he turned out to be a jerkface I was like FORGET YOU! Footprint is flawless in my eyes.

Also the new Karate Kid was fun to watch. I didn't find myself nodding off or my mind wandering because I was getting bored & I tell you what! Jaden Smith is freaking stacked for a little kiddo. He is hella cute too. That's right I'll say it. The whole "jacket on, jacket off" thing was pretty cool, but I was hoping there'd be more variation on the repetive trick practices other than that. & I guess there was some hype about the fighting style not actually being karate too, but I am not here to dismiss or get offended. I am Raistlin in the red robes neutral about it all I s'pose. I can understand either 'plight', or rather, sympathize I should say?

As far as t.v. goes I haven 't been able to keep up on much. I started to get back on the True Blood bandwagon but fell off right quick once Snookms' vacation was over. & he just now had HBO dropped from our Comcast plan so I'm all a' heart broken over that. But I can always rent the remainder of the second season from the video store or something. I keep hearing everyone gossip about it on Facebook & it is getting my panties all up in a ridiculous bunch. I miss hearing Bill say "ohbsal've" to Sookie. Cause like, he is so motherfucking gorgeous.

New eps of Degrassi start up in July, it is all shespawn & I ever talk about anymore. That, & who would play who in the Full Metal Degrassi mashup we have concocted for our own amusement. I say Johnny DiMarco is Ed. Shespawn says no because he cut all his hair off now, but I say SO WHAT! & then we giggle & say Holly J. can be Al, because she has a cute voice. Or maybe even Claire! Whaddoya say fellers? But whatever. It passes the time.

I like how Riley & Zane are making out in the previews for Degrassi. Riley still kind of appears repugnant to me just because he was such a dick in the beginning, but now that he is hooking up with Zane & being less hesitant about showing his affections to him it warms the cockles of my heart a bit. Slowly but surely.

It was Jr's b-day on Sunday but we had his actual celebration Saturday since we didn't have the heart to drag all the dads out on Father's Day. He got his own laptop! & I ordered the 1st & 2nd Halloween movies in the series off Amazon (the old ones) since he's so hardcore obsessed with Michael Myers. Also added a Michael Myers shirt to the cart too, just came today as a matter o' fact. It's funny to see Jr. overtly pleased. He tries to conceal his grimace. Too cute!

Other than that, not much else. S'posed to grab some bubble tea with Katie tomorrow/tomarrow & then a wikked/awesome soopersekrit underground show with Mysty on Wednesday. Let-dawg sent me random (or rather, completely without purpose as Snookms likes to sarcastically phrase it to make everyone feel dumb for overusing the word) giftage too! Another mixed cd & Whale Rider which made me giggle because I already own it but was touched nonetheless.

On the writing front there has been a whole lotta nada which I fucking hate. I get sad when I realize I don't write the way I used to. There is a part of me that dies a little bit inside for everyday that I don't write when it wants me to. I call it 'The Creative One' & it doesn't even resemble a person. It's a pillar with storm clouds & lightning bolts hovering above & it doesn't speak in words but rather communes in a Cthutonic kind of lexis. I am dead serious here. Don't even think I am trying to make this shit up.

But yeah. The last ANY kind of writing I did was about a dream I had about this Eminem dopelganger & it was when our webz were broke so I typed it up on Microsoft Word when I was trying to do some 'parts work' that my therapist assigned me. It felt good to let loose, y'know? I really want to write more. When I wrote Lucifer's Scar I realized the importance of writing everyday in order to enlarge my capacity to express.

I hope to afford you all more clarity in the future.


Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the update. been wondering about you.

Realmcovet said...

Ha! Same goes to you too, Sir.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Busy busy. I, too, am having a tough time writing. Kids all day and I seem to have something every. single. night. Some work, some play, but not enough writing!

Realmcovet said...

You know more than anybody what I speak of sweetcheeks. Fucking frustrating. Oh well, it's for a good cause I s'pose?

kathulhu said...

Fucking bubble tea fail. We'll have to try for another day!!!

If I ever find a decent program to burn DVD's, I'll make you copies of all the True Blood that I have (Seasons 1/2 and the 2 episodes of 3).

That was super cool of Leticia to send you a mix cd! Unsolicited presents are the best! :)

And I like the background. I think it' needs some little green turtles in it, too. :)

Realmcovet said...

Man I know, I was really pissed about that. Oh well, we will do it next time your in town. & if you burn me those that would be fucking epic. I was walking around Family Video tonight all sad & forlorn over not having HBO anymore. Yeah, you & Let-Dawg like a lot of the same muzak too, so I'm sure you two could make an epic dj combo. :)

The backround reminds me of the Windwaker Zelda. That's the only reason I put it up. :)