Saturday, April 16, 2011

you have bewitched me, body & soul

current mood: the storms of early summer
currently listening to: jackyl -true widow
currently watching: pride & prejudice

summer is getting closer & closer & i can barely contain myself.

a couple of things:

  • i looooooooooove my new blogger layout
  • it's late saturday night & i can't sleep but i am at peace with this
  • the kids are all snuggled up in their beds watching episodes of 'the whitest kids you know'
  • snookms, shespawn & i went out on a late night taco bell run & it was so fun
  • i got trapped into seeing 'scream 4' today & man did it suck. it sucked so bad that it was worse than 'little red riding hood'.
  • nobody will ever be good enough for Her. 2 have come close. the other girls can all SUCK IT
  • since i made my tumblr layout less creepy i have been getting a fuckton of followers. but i LIKE creepy
  • i am still haunted by The Laughter
  • i have fond memories of watching 'hellraiser 2' with my dad when i was somewhere around 12 years old
  • i really, really, realllllllly want to get a giant cicada tattoo on my chest for my next ink sesh
  • i also want to get the words "smiling the smile of broken glass & fallen empires" tattooed on me somewhere too. it's one of my favourite lines from the 'teenage wasteland' project i started forever ago but haven't had time to pick back up
  • i really need to go to bed so i can be ready for the facepainting booth that i volunteered for tomorrow @ fall creek
goodnight babies <3


Sarah Laurenson said...

Love the new look! And your choice of scenes from that movie. They did well with it after all, though I still think the A&E mini series is the best. Kiera Knightley did the role justice in the movie.

... said...

Thanks Sarah! I really like it too. & I never watched the A&E mini series, I never even paid attention to any of the Pride & Prejudice lit at all until this particular version came out, so I really don't have any performances to compare Kiera Knightley's too. But, I'll take your word for it :) I loved EVERYTHING about that movie. It's like watching porn for me because there is so much sexual tension, imo. Lol....