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my first day off for the summer & i am over here cleaning & blaring the stereo & opening all the doors & windows to air the house out. i love today.

saturday was so much fun. woke up early to get ready for the shooting range since snookms & i didn't make it on our anniversary. i had never been, & snookms wanted to take us to the one in eagle creek since fezziwig & tha jr. were going to be with us. they are very by the book & strict when it comes to gun regulation according to snookms, so he prefers that joint over all the others anyway. plus, it's way the heck cheaper. i was so nervous because i didn't know nearly as much about firearms as i had wanted to before coming there, but all in all, it was a great experience. when you first get there you have a 5 minute orientation of all the do's & don'ts. i really like how they call for a "hot" & "cold" time so that everyone can change out the targets & other stuff. the guns have to be in the down position at all times when not firing, & they will call you out on your shit if you try to walk out with your gun just dangling at your side. i don't know if that's the case at all the other shooting ranges, but snookms seems to highly appreciate the rules & regulations of this particular joint. there's an officer at each alley to supervise too, which helps with the chaos. i love it because it's outdoors too, which helps with my nausea factor since i get sick easily from fumes. they make sure you have hearing & eye protection when phasing into the "hot" aspect, which i sure as hell appreciate with my forgetful jones self.

i started out shooting snookm's 9, but i really liked his 22 rifle because there is no kick. overall snookms said that fezziwig had best aim, (he blew the heck out of the target on spot almost every time) jr. had best improvement, i had the best grouping, & snookms had the best called shot. i can't wait to go back, but i think i might stick with the 22 rifle until i can master using it. MASTER USING IT & YOU CAN HAVE THIS

afterwards i treated snookms & the boys to el rodeo in avon since i know that's snookms' favourite restaurant. i got fajita nachos this time instead of my usual taco/enchilada combo & was so good. i think next time i might ask if they can replace the chips with rice instead though because the chips are kinda gross there.

when we were done there we raced home to relax for a few minutes & meet up with snookms bff because he wanted to show off the truck he was test driving. once that was all done & over with we packed up & headed out to my brother's new place on the lake in cicero to pick up shespawn because she had spent the night there with with her cousins. the drive out there is so beautiful & relaxing, about 45 minutes of driving time i'd say. i had seen his place when he first got it, but it was hella late & hella dark, so i couldn't really appreciate it for the beauty it was. plus my brother & his woman fixed it up really nice, so it was a real treat to come out. the neighborhood he lives in is filled with A-frame houses, which i am a huge fan of, so we took a walk around the neighborhood to admire abodes from afar. there was a vacant house about a block down from my brother's pad, so we were able to walk the property & peek in the windows. it's a foreclosure & i fell in love instantly. dark wood paneling, panoramic view of the lake, & pet sematary like landscaping all throughout. there's a very "silent hill" -ish element all throughout that i kept vibing off of & i just couldn't get that place out of my head. it has a loft! i want it I WANT IT iwantIT! so bad.

after ruminating over that mess it was time to head home. i was still filled with energy & there was just enough light left in the day to mow the lawn. i had jr. & fezziwig start on the side & backyard while shespawn jumped in the shower from riding around town with her cousins all day, & then i mowed the neighbor's backyard & started on the other side of our house. our neighbors always freak out & come running out with beverages whenever they see me & snookms doing that for them, & they always wind up hooking us up the next time they mow their lawns. it's a beautiful relationship. was able to finish up the frontyard in time to enjoy the supermoon for a bit while snookms & i swept up the sidewalk & driveway. came in to take a shower & the intent to settle down with the book mordicai sent (love it already) & realized that snookms is not even home. he slipped out with his bff to get some turfbuilder at meijer & test the 2012 mustang he came pulling up with. his daughter was there the whole time (unbeknownst to be) i was in the shower so she came up behind me & scared the crap outta me while i was blow drying my hair. she was all excited about being able to show me videos of her driving the truck her dad had earlier. she was driving that thing like a champ & she's only 15!

sunday came along & i almost forgot about the cool dinner exchange party that my friend tina invited me to. katie is supposed to make it out sometime, but she didn't make it this time. basically the first sunday of every month a group of us get together & bring some dinner ingredients to cook at tina's huge house & everybody gets to take a portion of every one else's dinner home. i brought some basic seasoned chicken tenders to bake in oven & ingredients for this amazing italian pasta dish that i've nabbed from snookms' brother's wife. it's the suddenly salad kit with artichokes, black olives, & cubed monterey jack cheese slathered in olive oil. i was happy to see it was a hit. i also brought ingredients for fresh strawberry shortcake & tina took a really unflattering picture of my cutting strawberries for it. BLEH. tina's friend molly (the only other person to make it out aside from me & shespawn) made a tomatoe/green & red bell pepper/onion & chicken dish that was really fabulous. i was excited to be able to take some home to snookms & he loved it too.

it was nice to sit & catch up with tina & her family since i haven't seen them in over 3 years. but alas, that is sometimes what shooting babies out of your vagina does to you. you just kind of forget about the outside world for awhile. it's nice to have friends to come back to when you can come back up for air after a while. her hubs works at half price books & has a mean fucking collection of comics downstairs with the rest of their awesome video game set up.

i was so glad to be back home after all the cookage to put my feet up & relax for the evening. enjoyed reading some more of the golem book & went for a late night walk with shespawn before it was time for the kiddoes to settle in for the night. i am so happy the weather has the energizing impact it does on me.

today i am considering starting the necessary research to get my paper in order to resubmit to the atrium. i am kind of at a standstill with one of the requests that the board is making of the paper though. they are under the impression that i am a professor, since that place is where they are meant to send their stuff for publication, & they would like for me to provide concrete examples of those on the autism spectrum displaying verbal communication skills to those who communicate in a 'typical' sense, & those skills being used as an example of how the autistic community has improved communication for those not on the spectrum in a classroom setting. my problem here is that while i have plenty of examples to point out, they have all taken place in my experience as a volunteer teacher's aide at my children's schools, or here in the home where i used to home school my own kiddoes. sooooooo, i'm just like, worried that they are going to tell me to fuck right off since it is not considered an actual professional setting. BUT. i am fully intent on relaying to the board that i am in no way an actual professor & nor do i desire to fake the funk here. if it pulls the rug right out from underneath my operation, so be it. i'd rather be an honest abe than try to play it off like i'm somebody that they may have the impression of me not being.


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